Sunday, December 30, 2001

2010 Dawg Gone Long 50-Miler

2008 Flying Pig Marathon

2007 Dayton Air Force Marathon

2010 University of Okoboji Marathon
State #36; Marathon #39
~Post-Race Thoughts
~Race Ratings 3.0/5.0

2010 University of Okoboji Marathon Medal

2010 HURL 50K
State #37; Marathon #40
~Race RUNdown
2010 Big Wild Humpy's Classic Marathon
State #38; Marathon #41
~Race RUNdown
~Post-Race Thoughts
~Race Ratings 3.9/5.0

2010 Humpy's Classic Marathon Medal
2010 Mesa Falls Marathon
State #39; Marathon #42
~Post-Race Thoughts
~Race Ratings 4.5/5.0

2010 Mesa Falls Marathon Medal

2010 Omaha Marathon
State #40; Marathon #43
~Race RUNdown
~Post-Race Thoughts
~Race Ratings 4.4/5.0

2010 Marathon Medal

2010 Chicago Marathon
State #41; Marathon #44

2010 Zoom Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon
State #46; Marathon #51
 ~Race Run-down
~Post-Race Thoughts
Race Ratings... coming soon! 

2010 Dallas White Rock Marathon
~State #45; Marathon #50
~Race RUNdown
~Post Race Thoughts
~Race Ratings 4.0/5.0
Additional Information...
Pictured below, the official marathon t-shirt, finisher medal, and finisher t-shirt

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

2010 Detroit Free Press MarathonState #42; Marathon #44
~Race Ratings 4.4/5.0
2010 Bimblers Bluff 50K
State #43; Marathon #46
~Race Ratings 4.2/5.0
2010 Spinx Run Fest ~ Marathon
State #44; Marathon #47
~Race Ratings  4.2/5.0

2010 Marshall University Marathon
~State: Repeat; Marathon #48

2009 Hatfield-McCoy Marathon
~State #9; Marathon #11
~Race Ratings 4.8/5.0

Saturday, December 22, 2001

2010 Philadelphia Marathon 
~State: Repeat; Marathon #49
~Post Race Thoughts
....Race Ratings comings soon!

2009 Erie Marathon at Prasque Isle
~State #14; Marathon #16
~Race RUNdown
~Post-Race Thoughts and Race Ratings 3.8/4.0

Friday, March 23, 2001

Posts that Make you Go "OOOH"

I'm often asked questions that I've already answered in an older post, so I'm grouping some of these together to make the site a little easier to navigate. 
Race Ratings... All races are listed in the Race Ratings page found here
Boston Marathon...
~Coach's Corner Posts: Here
~My First BQ (Post Race/Training Thoughts) Here.
Training Tips...
~Elevation: Here.
... Last week weeks before race: Here
... For Marathons: Here.
... Making a BQ Here.
~Ultra Schedule (WS100): Here
~Fueling on Long Runs: Here.
~Back to Back Marathons (Recovery & Gearing up) Here.
Strength Training...
~Weekly Strength Training Exercises: Here.* 
~Knee Strengthening: Here and Here,
~CrossFit! Here.
~Football-Inspired Workouts Here.
Shoes, Clothing, and other Running Goodies...
~Nike Free's (5.0 and 7.0) Here.
~Running Wish List 2010 Here.
~Sony Walkman Here
Popular Posts...
~"Boston! My 50th State!" Here. Recounting the best day of my running career.
~"Hangover Half" HereA pithy recap of a hungover half marathon and tips on how to survive a marathon drunk/hungover.
~"The Dark Side of the Princess Half" Here. Funny stories from the Princess Half Marathon... Stephanie gets called a B**** and "Older" when doing extra mileage. 
~2011 Running Goals: HereEverything from pace and number of races to total mileage and showing race directors some love. 
~"Best Marathon Medals of 2010" Here and "Best Marathon Medals of 2009" Here
~"Runners' Christmas Wish List" HereA list of my favorite running gadgets, clothing, shoes, etc. for 2010
~"Run to Win" HereA Call to all runner to push themselves to strive for quality marathons, not quantity. Warning: Very controversial. 
~"My First 50-Miler" Here. Post-Race thoughts on my first 50-Miler... the Dawg Gone Long 50-Miler.
~"Things that Make you Go "EW" Marathon Edition" HereAnother pithy observation of the things that make runners... well pretty gross!