Monday, March 21, 2011

Hangover Half Marathon!

This weekend was the "Heart Mini Marathon" in Cincinnati. It was also my 26th Bday. But you should know marathoners don't celebrate just "26" without adding that ".2" so my amazing friends had the above cake made for me and added 26.2 candles! The basketball references are due to march madness and our cheering on UK this weekend! "Jorts" is for Josh Harrellson-- yes, I have a crush on a (possibly) 20 year old... no I am not ashamed! 

The traditional "hangover halfs" are usually run on Jan 1-- for obvious reasons-- but really, a hangover half can be any day! No really, it can... I did one just yesterday. No, it wasn't an official hangover half. However my birthday celebration on Saturday night led to an impromptu hangover half marathon race Sunday morning. I blame snoop dog for encouraging his evil "gin and juice." 

Unfortunately a lot of races like this are held on Sunday mornings instead of Saturdays, leaving us the decision to go out Saturday and have fun or give up the fun and have a safe run on Sunday. I say "NAY!" to that! We can have our cake gin and drink it too! So, how exactly does one run a race drunk and/or hungover? Here are my tips...

1) Register and pay for the race prior to race morning! If you wait til the morning and wake up a little drunkie-poo, you'll never leave the house! Having paid $$ for the race will be the extra push to get those sneakers on!
2) Plan ahead... sleep somewhere within walking distance to the race so you don't need to drive! Getting a DWI on the way to a marathon would be one heck of a story but unsafe for everybody... so don't do it! Please note: riding a bike or a motorized cooler under the influence is still again the law and you're in danger of a DWI. (Side Note: If you get a DWI on the way to a marathon while riding a motorized cooler you will be my personal hero and I need your autograph.)
3) When you wake up and things are still spinning... start downing water! Don't worry about drinking too much and having to stop... you won't! You're already too dehydrated. 
4) Test the legs.. and stomach. Start out slow and feel out where your body is. -Are you still drunk?... you're probably good to go. 
-Are you starting your hangover? You can go hard for a bit. 
-Are things already spinning and you're burping beer up? Maybe start out walking!
5) Take advantage of your "superman strength"... you all know what I'm talking about. If you're still a little drunk you probably still have some of that "invincible-ness" going on. Hey man, use it and go out hard... just don't hurl. 
6) Know when it's time to slow down! After a few miles the drunk will wear off. Unfortunately this type of sobering up leads to a quick hangover. Once you start getting queezy... it's time to slow down. Other runners don't like when you hurl on them!!!
7) Nap time? GU IT UP! You know that feeling when you start coming down from a buzz and you get all tired? Yeah doing that mid-run may not be so good... suck down a GU and perk yourself back up... you're not done yet!
8) "If you're gonna spew, spew in this"-- if you really can't keep it down, please move AWAY from the runners, road, volunteers, and spectators. Think of the runners behind you (if there are any at this point) and don't make them breath that in for the rest of the race. 
9) Finally... Smile Pretty for the finish line pictures .... cause you probably look like hell!

How did I do? Started out easy and my stomach held together so I picked it up. This is an extremely hilly course and I felt like I was getting motion sick from all the ups and downs. Eventually I found my hangover (around mile 6) and had to slow down a bit. We hit a GU stop around the 9th mile which helped a lot! I finally  got to the finish with a 1:41:10. Considering that is pretty much my pace for a full marathon I would say not too bad for feeling like hell! 

Note: I am absolutely joking. I don't actually encourage running drunk or hungover. It's probably not good for you or your kidneys. But if you find yourself in that situation hopefully the above helped! 

Above is a picture of the girls and I with my 26.2 cake! They gave me SUCH a great bday weekend is was well worth the hangover... even with a half marathon. 

Happy (Sober) Running!


  1. This one is going down in the books! Your recap is hysterical, from "still drunk" to "hungover" to the buzz wearing off. LMAO! And you still beat my best HM time, you b*tch! (kidding of course!)

    Happy Bday, girlie!

  2. Happy birthday! I can't even imagine running drunk/hungover. I'm jealous of your skills.

  3. LOVE this post! I am still are just...well...pretty darn amazing!!!

  4. That is hilarious! And totally believable since I saw you before the race yesterday. Congratulations Steph!!

  5. I was laughing when I saw your facebook post about a hungover race, then shocked to see even still-drunk-then-hungover, you still slaughtered my half PR. LMAO! You rock!

  6. You are nuts girl!!! I was cracking up at your FB status yesterday! So glad you made it through and speedy to boot...

  7. Happy 26th and awesome hangover race! Too funny!! that cake looks yummy!!

  8. Happy birthday! And I totally agree with the advice about drinking lots of water OR just trying to be drunk for the entire race... done both of those :)

  9. Your soo encouraging!! I loved the tips on how to run hungover.. I've tried it and sometimes its when I do my best running.. Weird how that works but hey maybe its just cause I already hurt so it wasn't causing me any more pain..? Who knows! haha.. great post! and Happy belated Birthday!

  10. this was hysterical! i dont know how you did it!!! but still awesome job!