Friday, July 9, 2010

50-Mile Race Eve and Race RUNdown

It's the 50-mile marathon eve... how did that come up so quickly? I had a few things I needed to get done tonight so I won't be waking up in the middle of the night saying "omg I forgot... xyz." This included: Making a carbo-loaded meal (and of course eating it), packing my drop bags, charging my garmin (watch) and Walkman, and print out directions- oh and watching "Running on the Sun" to get myself pumped up. I'm at the point where I've watched enough to convince myself 50-miles is NOTHING ... at least in comparison!

How am I feeling?
People have asked me a few questions about tomorrow, such as "Are you ready?" -- Hell no!...and "How do you think you will do." -- There is a decent chance I won't die. "Do you know this is crazy?" -- Uhhh, duh!
I'm definitely feeling pretty nervous. I go back and forth between thinking "omg, 50 miles! I've never done 50 miles" and "I've done almost 40 in 6 hours, if I slow down it'll be easy!" What it comes down to is-- I don't KNOW 50 miles. The advantage of doing so many marathons is that I know 26.2 inside and out. I know what it feels like at each mile if I'm happy, hurting, hungry, tired... anything! I know 26.2. I even know 35+, but I don't know 50. The unknown is always scary, but I hope to learn it real well tomorrow.

Drop Bags!
Something new for this race is that I get drop bags for the course. There will be 2 bags: 1 at a drop point and 1 left at the start/finish which is also an area on a pivot that we pass by 3 times on the 3 out and backs. This is my drop bag list...
-Candy: Chocolate covered raisins (+ they have antioxidants!) and mini candy orange slices
-GU: A few in each pack
-Extra Socks
-Extra Shoes
-Extra set of clothing
-Tape, Prewrap & Scissors
-Accelerade Powder Mix
-I will be packing my phone in 1 so I can update my status on facebook at points
... all of course wrapped in plastic bags!!! Sweat, water, gatorade, and GU can be a major hazard for anything electronic or perishable! And this is what all that looks like...

In addition, on me, I'll have:
-Water Bottle

Race RUNdown:
I won't do a full race RUNdown, but here is a little brief on what to expect at this Ultra Marathon:...
2010 Dawg Gone Long Run- 50 Miler
Waynesville, OH ~ Caesar Creek State Park
Type: Trail Ultra 50-Mile Marathon
Cost: $25!! $50 if you want a T-Shirt
Course: The course is a single track trail for most of the race. At first this race was a loop done 3 times, however part of the course is now closed off and they made some last minute changes. It's now...
-Section 1: Short out and back for 1.2 miles.
-Section 2: Main out and back for 19.76 miles
-Section 3: Mid out and back for 9.28 miles
-Section 4: Repeat Section 2: 19.76
There is no elevation chart available, but from the description it sounds like a roller coaster o' hills!
Aid Stations: the Main section has 3 aid stations, which will be 6 on each out and back. The mid-sized out and back has 1 aid station, which we will hit twice on the out and back. From their notes they should be fairly well stocked with electrolyte drinks, soda, sugar and salt snacks, as well as some heavier stuff like sandwiches.

Good Night!
Time for bed since I will have a very early wake-up call: 4:45am! It's a 40 mile (yes, I'm driving less than I'm running) drive and the race starts at 6:30. No promises, but I'm going to try and post facebook updates. If I don't post, please don't panic-- I'm not dead! They probably just don't have cell service out on the trails. If you're not friends on the book with me yet, but want to follow along just friend me here.

Happy Freakish Mile Running!


  1. Good luck tomorrow, you will do great!!!

  2. Good Luck! I'm volunteering tomorrow at a local 15mi/50k race!! Its a day for trail running!!

  3. Thinking of you today! 50 MILES BABY!

  4. You can do it!!! In fact you are well on your way! Wow! What an awesome accomplishment! After this 50 Miles will no longer be an long until you do a 100 miler??? =)

    Sending you good energy vibes!

    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. oh my word. thats all i have to say. I read your face book updates so i know you are alive and rocked it but reading that is just plain overwhelming!! congrats! can't wait to read about it.