Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WS100 Mile Training Schedule... (for a good laugh/cry)

I think I've come up with a pretty good schedule for Western States training. This will be my first 100 miler and I'm not all too familiar with this territory, so I'm deferring to the experts. This is a mixed schedule from a few ultra websites, my friend Brent's 100 miler schedule and some tips and advice from other ultra bloggers. My biggest goal in training will be to try and get in a 100 mile week. The last long week before the taper is scheduled at 96 miles, but there is also a cross training day that I can get 4 mile in. 

How it Works- basically it's a 3 weeks up, 1 week down in total mileage and long run distances. Each weekend there are 2 relatively long runs scheduled. 

Key Days
Wed- Speed days. It's my shortest distance and I since there IS a time goal at WS100, I'll need to keep some semblance of speed work in there. 
Mon/Thur- Strength days. I don't believe it's possible to put this many miles on your legs with no strength training and NOT break down. I'll have to keep at least 2 days of strength training in there. 
Sat/Sun- Long Runs! Trying to find a LOT of double marathon weekends in April and May

1) Mileage- Toward the end of training, the mileage starts getting much higher than I'm used to in total. Gotta keep strength training to keep from breaking down!
2) Boredom- I'm going to HAVE to find marathons for most of these long run weekends. I'm not one of those "go out and run for 80 miles and enjoy nature" type of runners. I like to get it done and over with. These are going to be some LONG weekends. 
3) FOOD!- I've been talking to some ultra runners/ reading up on ultras and I have the same concern over and over... how am I going to find a balance with (or even ENOUGH) food in this race?!? Have you seen the movie "The Santa Clause"? When Tim Allen keeps saying "but what happens if I fall off the roof?!?!" and nobody is answering his questions... yeah I feel kind of like that. Complete panic, but hopefully somebody will come up with something brilliant for me! Fat kid loves food!

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Now that you have all had a good laugh and what I'm putting myself through over the next few months, I want to remind you that there is a RazzyRoo headband give-a-way. More details are available in the below post. These are great non-slip cute/fun sports headbands. Ways to enter?.... 

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*Also note- on my facebook page, there are links to "events" for the remaining 5 marathon states left in my challenge. Please feel free to add to your event if you'll be at the race to run/cheer/catcall/etc.*

Happy Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. That is one heck of a schedule! Now I feel bad for complaining about my training schedule for a 50 miler and the 75-mile weeks in that one. :)

  2. Wow - can't imagine that schedule but good luck and looking forward to hearing about it!

  3. Wow!!! That is a ton of miles. I'm going to get my first experience crewing for a 100miler in February at Rocky Racoon. I'd love to get to a 50k next year along with my maiden Marathon attempt. and I think my pictures suck..I bet we all think our own looks far worse than it really does. Looking forward to following your road to WS100!!

  4. wow! looks like you'll be all set! I have a friend who did WS this year and will be doing it again next year. I'm not sure exactly what his training sched was like but i know he didn't run nearly as much as you plan to. You're gonna kick some serious butt. he did a lot of long trail runs and he did maybe 3 50 mile races and A LOT of hiking on technical, hilly mountains. my other friend who does 100 milers says his best advice is HIKE HIKE AND HIKE some more! in addition to all the running of course!
    I wish you the best of luck. you are going to be very well prepared and you will do great!!!! I look forward to following your journey!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Whoa, that mileage scares me, but I know you will totally kick butt! Because you are hard core like that.

  6. What a daunting training schedule. I'm surprised that the longest run is 40 miles, that's less than half the full distance. I've always heard for marathons that if you can run 20, then you can finish a marathon. Even at 20 miles, that is still almost 80% of the marathon distance.

    Good luck as you train. The WS will no doubt be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  7. Wow! I just read through that entire schedule ... I think it flows nicely, but it sure does get mighty intense!! Good luck with your training!! :)

  8. Instead of marathons you should really try to find some 50k trail races to use in training. For WS the more hills and elevation changes the better.

    Eating. Yeah I am fairmilar with the silence in the room. Mostly that is because there is no good general answer. Its very different for everyone and really its hard to know how your body will react until you get up over 100k so impossible to train for. I found it took a couple of +100km races to get this figured out and what had worked in 50milers didnt in the 100. I gel the first 5 hrs then go with ensure + solid food (potato, chips and sweet potato soup).

    Good luck with the training.

  9. Great but scary schedule…awesome! You need to read everything on these sites:
    Stan Jensen’s Site – www.run100s.com
    Kevin Sayer’s UltRunR Site – www.ultrunr.com
    Also, join the ultra list. You can link from the above sites.

  10. I had to avert my eyes... that schedule is insanity!!! Right up your alley. ;)

  11. Make sure you're recovering well too to keep from getting injured and sick.

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  13. What about just carrying REALLY calorie dense food (like nuts)? Those are tiny but pack a lot of calories in.

    Note that despite my running marathons in all 50 states I have next to no experience with ultras other than the Rhode Island 6 Hour we did (where I nearly passed out), so feel free to ignore my advice :)