Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mega-Marathoner Christmas Wish List!

Just in time for Black Friday shopping, Steph's 50 brings you the... 
2010 Mega Marathoners Christmas Wish List!!!!

Hey, If Oprah can do it so can I!!!! Below are a list of some of the (in my opinion) best products, apparel gadgets, etc for a blogging-crazy-marathoner on the go! Some of them are classics and some are the newest fun gadgets I've found this year... either way, they're fun and necessary for any running-blogger, especially the mega-marathoners that jet set every weekend. 

*Santa's wallet a little tight this year? No problem... just leave this page open on the computer every day and hope that the husband/wife/parents/family get the clue!*

"Training Program"- What you need to prep for race day!

  • Race Registration! Reg fees can get pretty pricey so any marathoner would appreciate a card with a registration confirmation attached. Simply look up an upcoming marathon your fav runner has been eyeing and sign them up! Check for discounts at popular sites like the marathons maniacs (if he or she is a member).
    • Note: Know your runners T-shirt size and estimate (goal or best) time to date... these are required in registration and t-shirt sizes usually can't be switched and corrals (assigned based on time) can't be changed.  
    • Price: $50-$150
  • Power Balance Bracelet! Looking to increase your balance, strength, and flexibility? An energy responsive hologram built into the bracelet is sited by the creators as the source of this technology. I have one and I think I can feel a difference. Think this is just a bunch of hoopla and it's all in your head? WELL SO IS RUNNING! Running is 90% mental, so if strapping this little bracelet with holograms makes me think I'm faster... I WILL be faster! 
    • Note: This company (specifically Power Bracelet found here gives back to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!
    • Price: $29.95
  • Marathon Maniac/ 50 Stater Membership! Does your runner need a little motivation to get out there and Run More?!?!? Help them out with their membership to these 2 great clubs. Both give the runner goals, supportive group-members, race discounts, and the potential to meet lots of other crazy runners!
    • MM Membership: 1-Yr is only $10, but you can pre-pay a few years and get a discount, up to 5 years ($42.50). Sign up or renew here.
    • 50-States Club: Annual dues $10/year... you can prepay as many as you want. Sign up or renew here.
    • Note: Do NOT sign your runner up for these without checking that they have qualified. Both clubs have minimum races/states/etc required to get into the club. 
  • Runners World Magazine Subscription! Filled with running tips, tricks, gear, races, and fun stories. This is especially great for the newbie runners with lots of unanswered questions.
    • Note: special $1/issue running now here. Price: $24 for 24 issues!

  • POM Wonderful- I wrote about these drinks earlier this year (post here) and the great benefits of pomegranates... especially antioxidants! This company now packages great tasting small bottles that would be idea for post long-run workouts. 
"On the Run"- Everything you need for your big runs and races!
  • LULULemon Athletica Gear!- I can't get enough of this store. The clothing is not only amazing quality, but very trendy and comfy! Sick of the same old running shorts and tech t's? Lululemon brings a whole new level of athletic clothing for both men and women. I find them ideal for the "quadzillas" out there (me included) who have a hard time finding clothes that fit a small waist but muscular thighs. 
    • Steph's Recs: Run Speed Shorts- They come in a ton of crazy prints as well as basic colors. Super comfortable, they don't chafe, they have hidden pockets all over them, and they're cute! Price: $64
    • Note: I would suggest a gift card as the sizes run pretty small!!!

  • Arm Warmers!- These are starting to pick up with the non-elite runners. I just bought a pair in Chicago and have been wearing them for all my cold weather races. Since the winter marathons start at 6am (and usually under 50-degrees) it's great to have these to start. If you get hot... just roll them down! They don't feel heavy on your wrists, you don't have to worry about throwing away a fav t-shirt, and if you get cold again you just roll them back up. 
    • Note: You can now find these at most big race expos (or their websites) with the marathon name on them. If you're looking for a generic, Nike has a good pair listed here.
    • Price: $20.00
  • Sony Walkman W-Series! These are lightweight, water-resistant, no-chord headphones that I absolutely LOVE. (And I'm not just saying that because Sony sent them to me for free). They have a quick charging option for us flaky runners that forget to charge and they have some pretty cool functions like the "Zappin" function that plays only the chorus of songs and scrolls through. BONUS! For "headphone free" races... nobody every thinks these are headphones as they look more like a blue tooth. They do everything an Ipod does, but they require no chords and they are FAR more water resistant! Tested! I've dumped cups of water on my head while wearing these and they stayed on... and did not zap me!
    • Buy them here. for Price: *$59.95!*
    • Note: These are not yet Mac compatible
  • Garmin Forerunner! If your runner cares anything about pace, these "watches" are wonderful! They are GPS enabled, so they can tell your your distance, time, pace, etc. Why a Garmin over any other? One of the reasons I chose it was because it doesn't require a "foot pad" that calculates your distance as a lot of other sports watches do... making it more accurate. These are probably for the more tech savvy runner or somebody that doesn't mind sitting down with the manual and learning! 
    • Note: I recommend the watch with a heart rate monitor included, found here. 
    • Price: $369.99
  • Sony Bloggie HD Camera! Yes, Another gift from Sony... but again an AWESOME one! This is IDEAL for any blogging-runners as it's a very quick picture OR video! It's easy to carry, fairly water resistant, and takes very good pictures for a quick-shot camera. I would use this as an every day camera, but for a blogging-runner in need of something to bring to document their adventures?... this is a great buy! Shop here.
    • Price: $149.99 (4GB) to $169.99 (8GB)
  • Handheld Water Bottles! Taking too much time to stop for water in your marathon or have a hard time trying the old "squeeze" manuver to try and keep getting more on your shirt than in your mouth? These handhelds are great... allowing you to go miles without having to stop. They hold themselves to your hand so there is no struggle.
    • Nathan Sports Sprint! I personally love and recommend this handheld found here. It's big enough to go about 6 miles at a time, but small enough to be light. It has a one way valve with cool technology that keeps the runner from getting air in their bellies. 10oz. Price: $13.95
    • Fuel Belt 10oz palm holder found here has the added benefit of a zip pocket in the front. It has a pull top on it which tends to keep in moisture and hard to clean. Price: $11.95

"Cool Down"- Everything you need post-race to relax and unwind
  • Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wraps and Pads! Have an injury or general soreness post-race? These wraps are ideal for icing on the go! They mold to any injury area, stay cold for hours, and don't leak or get you wet like classic ice packs. They also stay at the ideal temperature for icing, without risking frostbite (even after hours of icing) and they are reusable.
    • Note: List of places to buy here or buy directly from the manufacturer here.
    • Prices: $8.99 for 3 pads, $11.99 for 1 wrap (additional sizes at varied prices)
  • The Stick!- A flexible piece of equipment made for massaging and loosening up those tights muscles from your races and long runs. I would suggest the smaller version for ease of travel! Shop here.
    • Prices: From $27.50 (travel stick)
  • "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall! Finished a race and want to get motivated to run further? If this book doesn't do it for you, nothing will. I never thought a book about running could be this exciting. Entertaining, hilarious and extremely insightful. I found it impossible to put this book down and recommend it to runners and non runners!
  • "50/50" and "Ultra Marathon Man" By Dean Karnazes! Essential for any MegaMarathoner... Dean promotes pushing the human body and spirit through running, which all marathoners can understand and appreciate.
  •  Maniac Trading Cards! Finished your marathon(s) and feel like a superstar? Well you are and you deserve a trading card to prove it. The maniacs started trading cards, found here. 
    • Note: 1 order gets you 100 cards and 5 decks (25/deck) of collectible maniacs trading cards... collect all 3,000+!
    • Price: $75

"Blogging and More!"- Finished your run and all cooled down? Time to tell the world!
  • Apple iPad!- Great for a blogging runner on the go. Light weight, fast, easy to use and 3G capable. Do anything you need from checking out other running blogs, updating your maniac marathons, taking notes on all your races, checking out the latest running apps, etc.
    • Note: Engrave your favorite runners name for a personalized gift, right from Apple.
    • Price: $629 to $829 for 3G capable.
  • SkinIt!- Decorative wraps/skins for all your devices. Snaz up your favorite laptop, iPad, kindle and phone. My advice? Make it running related! Get a Boston Marathon wrap or create your own custom skin with a professional picture from your favorite runners first marathon!
    • Price: Varied with sizes ~$30
  • Amazon Kindle! Great for traveling to marathons. Download your favorite Running books ("Born to Run" mentioned above) or even have your Runners World subscription sent to your kindle. Easy and quick downloads and light to carry while on the go. Bring all your favorite books and magazines t the gym without needing a bag. 3G capable so you can download anywhere with no monthly fees.
    • Price: $189 for 3G model
Hope these ideas make your Black Friday shopping fun and easy! Happy Holidays!!!!
Happy Shopping!
"Run to Win"-Meb


  1. Okay, I'm printing this list as we speak to hand out to my loved ones! ;) Boo Haa! :)

  2. Great ideas! I have most of the stuff - definitely all necessary items for runner's...especially lululemon! I am also obsessed. Hope you had a good race in Philly!

  3. I also have the energy wrist band on my Christmas list.

  4. oh man...i've been dreaming of all the things i want for i have more to add to the list :)

  5. i love this!! and your 50 state challenge is AWESOME! you're so inspirational!! i will be in boston cheering you on!!!

  6. The lawyer part of this running blogger hates your first idea. After all, there is a major liability waiver that is part of race registration! What would happen if you got hurt and decided to try your luck with a lawsuit since someone else signed your waiver w/o your permission? Imagine the legal fees put on the race director! Rare, for sure, but something I always think of when I volunteer at a packet pick-up and someone asks to register a friend.

    Also, had never heard you use the term quadzilla, but that's me too! All my work pants gap at the waist but just squeeze over my quadzilla assets.

    Love the list! And I'll see you this weekend, I decided to register for the full at White Rock. Why not?

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