Friday, October 15, 2010

Detroit Marathon ~ Race RUNdown (#42-MI)

Inspiration Points...
1. 45 TOTAL Marathons Completed! It's only my 42nd state, but I'm 3 ahead in total marathons!
2. Oh CANADAAAA During this race we get to run to Canada and back! Some of my favorite things are from Canada, like... Canadian Bacon, Heinz Ketchup, Marlene, and the 2010 Winter Olympics!
3. Race 2 of 5 in a Row!... This is going to be my longest streak going! Let's see if we can hold on!

MI Race RUNdown...
Detroit Free Press Marathon ~ Sunday October 17, 2010. (#42) 7:00am Start for all races!
Detroit, MI ~ Downtown Detroit and Windsor, Ontario
Registration Fees: $75-$90 Early ($105-$125 late) Availability: Marathon and half only. Register here.
Year Running: 33rd!
Races Available: Full, Half and 5K
2010 Expected Field: 4830 Max (Full) 10,800 Max (Half) + 5-Person Relay
2009 Field:  3780
... Females: 1324  ... Age Group: 252 (F25-29)
2009 Avg. Finish Time: *4:18:57!!* Another fast one.
Certified Course/BQ Certified?: Yes/Yes
Cutoff Time and Early Start Option: No early start and a 6.5 hour limit with a strict "last chance pacer" you have to race! ... I'm sorry, but it could be HILARIOUS to watch people try and race this person at the end. Definitely sticking around for the last runner!!!
Weather Update: Highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's and SUNNY! Perfect running weather! Definitely going to be chilly at the start, but I have my cool Chicago arm warmers now!

MarathonGuide Rating: 
This course has an international delight... taking you from Detroit over to Windsor, Ontario (thats Canada, folks) and back. The description sites that the course is relatively flat with exception to a bridge and tunnel area. There were some people on marathonguide saying it was hilly and challenging, but judging by the elevation chart... these people are from Kansas! 
Race 411:
~ Finally a Marathon about RACING! The course time limits are serious and so is the race director, putting this little ditty on their website...
"We consider our events “competitive”, and not simply as fun runs or walks.  A “Last Chance Pacer” will be provided for both events."
What a novel concept... a race that is about racing!!!!
Holy Fast Course Batman! I've been finding some pretty fast races! And this is no small potatoes race with about 4,000 marathon runners. 
Lemon-Lime Gator-gag me! Remember my lovely vomit tour d' Chicago? Oh right... it was just last weekend. I was hoping to go sans LL Gatorade for a while-- seeing that I puked bright green for about an hour and a half straight. Let's hope I can keep it down.
~ ONE Gu Zone? ... what's the point of even having the one? 
~Passport? Ummm... yeah we need a passport now to get to Canada and apparently that means even if you're traveling on foot. They check it before hand and you only get your bib if you pass their pre-screening they do on you. ... uber creepy! 

Race Plan:
I have a 50K next weekend, and 2 marathons the following weekends after that. I'm going to try and take this one a little easier (say a 3:45-3:50'ish time) to try and save my legs, but still get my sub-4:00. Normally I would say "you know you can't trust me when I say that"-- but I'm coming down with a little cold (damn people at work need to be quarantined!) and I really do think I'll run a little slower. 

Throw Back! Bring it back now ya'll...
Reverse the Countdown!
This is my 42nd marathon-state, meaning I have 9 to go including this race. What was going on around state #9!?!? I was running the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon in WV. I thought this was a great small race and was the first time I did 2 marathon weekends in a row... 2009 me would think 2010 me was out of her MIND with 5 races in a row! Ok... and she would probably be right. I did go just over 4:00, so I'll be returning to WV for redemption on Nov 7th for my Marshall University Marathon

This time in 2009...
Last year I had just finished my FIRST Double Marathon- NH and ME! I had a great time at the double (esp NH with all the Cinci Galloway runners) and made some pretty good time. I learned that if I'm normally "hungry" in a marathon... by marathon #2 I'm FAMISHED and if there is no food on the course I will beg a child for his donuts and feel no shame! I was gearing up for Louisville, which I quickly deemed the WORST marathon of 2009. Since then it has been surpassed by the Wyoming Marathon (the worst marathon of 2010). 

Meet up Info: I have plans to meet the following people at the following locations. If you're not on here and think you should me... shoot me an email (at the top nav bar) or leave a comment and we'll meet up...
MB~ Meet ya at the Hotel-Motel-HOLIDAY INNNNN
MM Fam Sally Boles and her dad Harold!~ Meet ya before the race for an MM Family pic!
Jodi ~ See ya at the race! 
Steph!~ Meet you at the finish line with my medal! SAVE ME ONE-- I hear they run out :)

Happy Racing!
"Run to Win"-Meb


  1. The pre-screening is a volunteer looking at your passport and then handing you your bib/packet. LOL!!

    Have Fun!! The best part of the race is the to and from Canada!

    I wish I was running this.

  2. Good luck! I can't believe they actually make you bring your passport, I mean if you have any intentions of finishing, obviously you will be coming back!!!

  3. I will be watching for you to finish Steph! To the other Stephanie (the medal handing out one) do you know what you plan to wear? It would be so cool to get my medal from a fellow blogger. I am running the 1/2 and am hoping to cross in 1:50:XX

  4. How cute are you!!! Myself and my country love you too. Hope it was great!!! You need to come run an entire race here next year. :D