Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First 50-Miler T-3 Days...

The big race is getting close and the more I think about it, the more nauseous I get! Have I prepared for a 50 miler? Nottttt really. I mean I run a LOT of marathons and I've added miles onto the ends of a couple, but I haven't done any 40+ mile workouts or anything. This will definitely be a test of what the mind can push the body through! So seeing as I have little to no experience with this kind of distance, I've been doing some research and trying to get some tips on running a 50 miler-- These are some of the tips I found that are specifically for ultras (not just a marathon):

Drop Bags: Bags with extra 'stuff' you may need that the race organization will bring to various aid stations so you can access them on the course. Some of the 'stuff' will include things like: bandaids, extra socks, gels, extra salt tabs, maybe a change of clothing... etc. What I learned:
- I need to make some of these this week. Plan early!
- Try and keep the bag lined or put it in a plastic bag in case of rain/water
- Pack TP! Ultras (esp the trail ones) tend to NOT have port-a-johns anywhere and you rely on old mother nature. Speaking of...
- Pack Poison Ivy spray: We don't want anymore of those poison ivy incidents I had a few months ago. 1 of those a year was embarrassing enough.

Aid Stations: They have these in marathons of course, but for ultras they are a little different- they tend to be further apart (especially on trail runs) but they also tend to be stocked with more goodies as ultra runners need more calories, liquids, etc. What I learned...
- 2 bottles may be needed to cover the distance between aid stations (This may not be the case in my race because aid stations seem to be closer than normal. The race is on a loop so they found some good spots for them). In my race- Miles between aid stations: 3.14, 4.70, 3.22, 2.96, 2.38 (then repeat 2 more times)
- EAT! If you don't want to die later in the race eat and drink even when you're not hungry or thirsty-- this will help fuel you to the end!

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more tips... if you know of anything or have heard of any great tips just let me know! I'll take any advice.

If ANYbody feels like jumping in this is a really cheap reg ($25) and I would LOVE somebody to come torture themselves with me. Register here! 


  1. Wow - that is cheap! Have a great race!

  2. Just started following you! Good Luck on the race!! That is an amazing distance!

  3. Now you have me thinking.. I wonder if I can pull of at least 2/3 of this race and then run another 50 the following weekend. It would be nice to be able to run a training run with aid stations and all and only have to pay $25. I'm going to see what I have planned for this weekend and I just might sign up. I think you probably read the tips from my blog, but one more tip.. walk before you have to walk. I've been practicing a run 5/walk 1 approach. Here's a link to a chart with different combinations of run/walk approaches and what your average pace will be:
    and finally:,_walk_before_you_have_to

  4. GOOD LUCK! I have no idea what it even means to run that far, but I do train with some ultra runners and they don't train anywhere close to the race distance.

    Remember how nervous you were about that trail marathon? And you totally ROCKED it? You're going to do great!

  5. You're going to have a great time, it's an experience unlike any others so remember to have a blast!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Sounds like your fitness will be just fine for a 50. It will hurt, no doubt, but you'll be fine as long as you pace yourself and eat/take gels/etc. regularly. Good luck!

  7. I would love to attempt this with you! Oh how I wish my family was in love with running too. I'll be on a different trail that morning not going quite that far yet. Great advice for ultra runners, drop bags are great along the way even in the 50k some people take advantage of them if there are river crossings in the race or bad weather. My aid stations are 5 miles apart so I'll be carrying support with me but the aid stations are the best ever!

    Have fun with your 50. I know you will love it!