Friday, November 5, 2010

Sick with Only 1 Cure... a Marathon!

So maybe 5 marathons in 6 weeks can can be a little much. Burning the candle at both ends... I've finally gotten a little run down and woke up with a little cold. So what should I do? Well the logical option would be to rest and relax this weekend. But we know that's not going to happen.... we've got a marathon!

This weekend is the Marshall University Marathon in Huntington, WV. The best part? We get to finish the race on the football field for the last 100 yards carrying a football. How cool? If you're a stalker avid blog follower here, you will be saying to yourself "But, Stephanie you've already done West Virginia!" Yep, you would be right. But that was my first back to back marathon weekend (Sunburst was the weekend before) and at the time that actually made me tired and I didn't make a sub 4-hour. So now on my 5th in a row and 6 in 7 weeks, I'm heading back to get me a sub-4:00. Let's just hope this cold doesn't get the best of me!

I won't do a full race RUNdown, but I'll give ya a little snynopsis. This is a pretty low cost race ($60 early) that has a lot of details centered around memorializing the Marshall University football team's plane crash in 1970. This includes flowers at mile 25 that you can carry for about a mile. The race claims to be a flat and fast course as well as spectator friendly. I'm wondering if the campus is still in session now and if they come out to spectate!? 

The downside... besides the cold? No headphones allowed. Pssh like that's going to happen. If I get my first DNF it's because I've been DQ'd for headphones cause I'm NOT running naked. 

I DO like one of their facts a LOT. They only charge military personnell like $20 or so. And this is in the fact board...

How can you offer such low prices to military personnel?
     How can they make such sacrifices for our country and earn so little doing this?

Touche, Mr. Race Director, Touche!

Meet-Up Info:
Marathon Maniac meet-up and picture at 5:30 at the pasta feed!
If you're coming and haven't mentioned it, let me know soon!

*For everybody racing on Sunday, remember the clocks turn back 1 hour... so get your extra 1 hour of sleep before kicking assphalt!*
Happy Racing,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. That's awesome. I'm running my 5th marathon in 8 weeks, but except for Chicago, they've all been in California. I'm a bit worn out from the running and traveling, but I might be sadder that winter is coming fast and I won't have more races for a few months!

  2. amazing. you make me tired! :) Keep it up!! Boston is practically around the corner! :)