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Steph's 100 Marathon Challenge

Monday, April 29, 2013

Steph's 100 Marathon Challenge!

Wow this blog still gets a LOT of traffic still. To keep up with the latest adventures, please go to my new blog: Steph's 100 Marathon Challenge started last night! Check it on out and hit that little "follow" button to subscribe. Go ahead... I'll wait....

All subscribed to the new blog? Ok, great! We can be friends again!

 Currently I'm at 79 marathons with 21 to go. On top of that I'll be working to get my speed back after a year+ break from real racing. You can expect a lot of  marathons, training and speed tips and tricks, race ratings, and the usual "doy" moments that come along with my adventures.

Happy running ya'll!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Blog Ends and a Blog Begins.... Thank You!!!!

We're closing up Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge (for now) and I'll put out the reminder one more time... new blog on my attempts to turn spastic marathoner into coordinated Ironwoman.

Step 1: Go to said blog Cheating on the Run
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Step 3: Laugh at my lack of knowledge and coordination
Step 4: Send flowers to the nearby hospital when I get stuck in my bike shoes and fall down (I can bet $100 this will be happening at some point). 

Thanks for reading Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge! It's been great sharing such a big journey with you. The journey isn't completely over though. MB will be finishing her 50th state at the LA Marathon this march making us the first mother/daughter duo to do the 50 states. I'll be doing a full write-up of course (as I'll continue to do with all of my marathons) on my new site Cheating on the Run. So see above steps and follow along!

"Run to Win" -Meb

Friday, February 17, 2012

Steph does Yoga...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sheeeee's Bacccccck

See? Back at it-- posting every morning. You just have to go to the new blog...

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Blog... Steph Tries to Tri!

I've started a new blog called "Cheating on the Run" that will document my attempts to move from marathoner to triathlete and run a half Ironman this summer. I'm still running marathons so there will be plenty of posting on those. I'm also starting up my race reports/ratings again, starting with this past weekend Mercedes Marathon. We're just going to add a little more humor at my sad attempts at swimming and biking. Hope to see you on the journey!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CMM/Pig Double... and it's on like Donkey Kong- WS100!!!

As you know this past weekend was my 1st marathon after Boston... and subsequently my 2nd. Going into Boston, my ankle developed this odd pain right on the inside on the bone. Of course it was made worse by running Boston but it's not like I was going to give THAT up (obvi). I ended up taking a week and a half off from running (the longest I've done in over 2 years) to rehab the old ankle.

The Problem? I believe my form started developing a serious supination. Supination is the opposite of over-PROnation (pretty common in runners). My foot actually rolls outward while I run, shortening the inner ligaments and putting stress on bones that cannot support the weight that is baring on them. How did this start?? I have NO idea! I felt like my gait was off over the past month or so and after last months double (supinating the whole way) it really started to get bad. 

The Fix? First I bought new shoes at Boston and even though the damage was done I wore them during the race. (I actually do this quite frequently-- wear new shoes to the day of a marathon. I know it's risky but luckily I've never had a problem). Second- I focused on my stride and form (especially in the double this weekend) making sure to land with a soft, straight, controlled stride. 

The Plan! I decided that this weekend would make or break WS100 training for me. If my ankle couldn't support the double, it was going to require more rest than I can give it while training. If I could just make it through this weekend without my ankle giving out on me I was going to be ok! 

Double Marathon Weekend!
Nashville Country Music Marathon & The Flying Pig Marathon

This double weekend logistics were a little easier than others I've run because the 2nd race is in MY city... Cincinnati! Another MM (Aaron) drove down from Chicago and he, myself, and Justin (first time marathoner!!!) went to the Flying Pig expo before Aaron and I got on the road for Nashville, TN. 
Nashville was fun as always. The expo is the typical Rock'n'Roll Marathon expo with all the brooks stuff. Race morning was FREEZING. We got there EXTRA early to avoid traffic to the finish line. They shuttled us to the start then I hid behind a light generator to try and get warm. 

... then the sun came out! Please keep in mind that it's been raining non stop by the past 3-4 weeks in Cincinnati so heat has yet to be an issue this year. Nashville got up to 80 during our race. I focused on staying extra hydrated because I knew I had the Pig the next day! Unfortunately they had cytomax that is SO sugary. A lot of that mixed with GU led to an upset stomach. I had to make a few ummm... pit stops... along the way and took the last few miles easy to conserve a little. Final time?: 3:47:17! I got my sub-4 TN time and redemption from the 2007 CMM that got into the 90's!

Traffic getting out of the marathon finish is crazy but we managed to get to the hotel and pack and shower in under 30 minutes then on the road again back to Cincinnati. Along the way we stopped in Louisville to pick up Elizabeth from 50 for Billy who was running the Derby Marathon and brought her with us to Cincinnati where she would complete her first double marathon this weekend!!!

The Pig Eve!
I was SO excited to host a HUGE group of marathon maniacs at my home marathon this weekend, many of whom I "speak" to all the time but I've yet to meet. We had a huge dinner-- taking over Rock Bottom Brewery. Of all these crazy MM's almost ALL of them were making the pig part of a double marathon weekend pairing it with Nashville CMM, The Derby Marathon, or the Illinois Marathon. 
After dinner we went to the hotel downtown-- yes, I stay at a hotel rather than fight traffic the few miles from my apartment-- and went to bed (probably a lot later than I should have). 

Pig Morning! 
First, if you haven't run the Flying Pig Marathon you NEED to add it to your list. The buzz of excitement every year is amazing marathon morning. You'll never meet a happier group of spectators that will cheer like crazy-- even in the rain, and for some reason it rains every year! Of course we met up for a Maniac pre-race picture to start the morning off right.
A HUGE high five to...
Sue M. - for her 10th maniac star at the Flying Pig!
Sandy S.- Qualifying for the maniacs at the Flying Pig!
All the amazing MM's and Half Fanatics that ran a double this weekend-- the pig is NOT an easy course, especially when it's the 2nd one of the weekend! 

Like every other year the morning of the pig was rainy! I managed to find Justin and his running group as well as a few other running buddies in "Pig Pen B" (corrals) as we waited to be let loose. 
One of the Roncker's Running Groups
Newbie Runner, Justin, trying to navigate the "trash bag jacket"
Chelsea and I!
3...2...1...FLY, Piggies, FLY!
This was Justin's very first marathon and I was SO excited to see him finish this huge accomplishment so I opted to be the "photographer" for the race and run with him and his group. Slowly we lost members of the group... then he was stuck with me-- keep in mind I ate about a million GU packets and lots of very sugary gatorade-- you should feel very bad that he was stuck with me in this state for over 4 hours! 

The pig has "THE hill" that hits around mile 7. It's pretty steep and is actually a series of 4 climbs in a row. That climb is followed by pretty regular rolling hills all the way til mile 22 where it's flat for the last few miles. 
Steven and Justin made it past Eden Park Hill!
Along the way we had some GREAT spectators and saw lots of running buddies on the go! Below: Sue earning her 10-maniac star on Eden Park Hill and Right: Brittany heading to the finish of her first marathon!

It didn't stop raining almost the entire race, but luckily it was a steady drizzle so it felt pretty good. Around miles 23-24 it let up a little in celebration of Justin's furthest distance run! In training he had gone to about 22.5. Of COURSE we took a picture of mile 23... then again at 24. SO close to finishing!
The finish of the pig is always packed with spectators for about the last mile or so. It's a great way to end a race. Even if you're feeling drained and tired they'll get you through the "Finish Swine" (line). 

Post-Race Thoughts!
My official finish time was 4:22:56! I'm very happy to report that my ankle felt good the whole way. I made a point when I was tired to focus on good form- staying light, keeping my foot straight, and staying controlled. It worked and now I'm gearing back up for WS100! 

HUGE CONGRATS to Justin for finishing his very first marathon. After the race we celebrated... each in our own way... (don't judge)
Give to a Great Cause!
If you were impressed by Justin- Both in his running and his ability to survive a marathon next to a sugar-high Stephanie you may want to check out what he's up to for his next goal.... raising $100,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in attempts to be Cincinnati's "Man of the Year." His blog can be found here. And try to keep in mind what is important... if he wins I get to be his date to the finale and wear a REALLY pretty new dress! haha jk (sort of)... but really it's a great cause and he's been running the campaign WHILE training for a marathon. Impressive, right? Check out his story and if you can- make a donation please! 

Happy Running,
50 State Marathon Finisher!