Monday, August 23, 2010

Alaska and Race Updates!

Haven't had much of a chance to post lately, but I'm still here-- I did not get eaten by a penguin in Alaska or anything, no worries.

I posted a little about the trip so far, but it was a ton of fun with MB, Aunt Terri, Grandma, and Jodi. Alaska is so pretty! We went on a boat tour, went shopping, went to the dog sled show and held the puppies, saw glaciers, dressed up as a moose (ok that was just me)... oh yeah and ran a marathon!

(Pic Left: Myself and 2 very sleepy Iditarod hopefuls.... they get less lazy as they get older

Pic Below: Grandma, myself, MB, and Jodi before our races)

The Marathon was probably the least exciting part of the trip. I wasn't feeling at all well leading up to the race and had a little bug going on. It started out great (so nice in the cool cool weather). I was even able to keep my moose hat on while running! But, around mile 14-ish I started feeling quite sick to my stomach and proceeded to vom all over Alaska. I couldn't keep anything down (not even the dixie cups of water they gave us) and if I ran anything remotely quick my stomach would go into knots and I would dry heave (nice image, huh?). Apparently if you're not eating or drinking in a marathon... it makes it quite difficult to run! So I ended up JUST over 4 hours. :( Oh well ... I'll just have to go back to Alaska... not that I would mind that! :)

Prior to the marathon there was a kids race and general merriment around the area. Bart Yasso was the announcer for the day, and stuck through from the kids race straight through to the finish of the marathon. They had fantastic volunteers through the whole race and there were a TON of maniacs on the course to cheer each other on (always love that). I was even able to meet Morgan (who I've blogged about a few too many times for never having met her lol). She was sans crutches, but still working back to full recovery! Morgan was with Gary who once again beat the 3:00 clock in a marathon... super fast.
(Pic left: Barty Yasso, myself, and MB before the marathon)

Post-race, Humpy's Bar (the sponsor of the race) is right at the finish line. Aunt Terri and I grabbed a beer and were able to watch from the roped off area out front while we waited for MB. MB finished with one of her best times and then we were off to Humpy's for lunch. Oooh but not before Grandma and I broke it down outside. I dropped the beat and grandma showed off her Zoomba moves...

I still owe you a race report for this one and Montana... coming soon-- stay tuned!!!

Huh? Yup Idaho this weekend! This weekend we're traveling to Ashton, ID for the Mesa Falls Marathon. I don't think I know anybody going there so if you're going let me know! This will be an all new state for running... and for traveling to. I've never been to Idaho... any suggestions on "Must Do's" here? I know one... avoid the bears! Check! I'll try my best.

Minnesota... Zooooom yah! yah!
I'm currently signed up for a marathon in Minnesota that I would rather not do. However, I submitted my name into the Zoom yah! yah! indoor marathon. It's a lottery selection and I hope to get picked. Along with my application, I sent in a list of reasons why I would make a great candidate for the race.. in hopes that the zoom yah yah racing gods will take it into consideration.

Z-ealous! Plenty of that here. Be part of my manic marathon/ultra marathon running- 18 in 2009, 30 in 2010, 50 States by Boston 2011!
O-hio Entrant!! Need one? I’m your girl!
O-r New York? I have addresses in BOTH places—I can be either one!
M-innesota! “Be My Minnesota!” I hope to make your race part of my 50 states!
Y-ou would do WHAT? I would dress up… even be your mascot! I believe St. Olaf’s mascot is a Lion? I would dress up as a lion if you want. I wish I were kidding… You may too!
A-dvertising for FREE! I have a blog with a few hundred unique followers each month. I write about all my races and would definitely include this one.
H-arassment. I promise to stop harassing you if you let me in!!!
Y-outh Representation! At age 25 I would certainly be one of your youngest participants. I’ll also be one of the youngest to finish the 50-states!!!
A-ll around pleasure to have. I don’t spit on courses, I always clean up my gel/water cups/other marathon waste on the course, and I cheer on other runners!
H-ow can you say “no” to me with all of these great reasons to let me in?
A lot of campaign promises... but I'll live up to every one of them if I'M selected president of the United-- oops I mean if I'm selected for the marathon. I heard back from the director who applauded my effort but of course cannot promise me a spot (that wouldn't be fair to other lottery applicants). The drawing for the race is Sept 1st! So I'll know in a week if my propaganda worked!!! Everybody keep your toes crossed for me!

Happy Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. Sorry to hear that you had such a rough race in Alaska. Sounds like the rest of the trip was AMAZING, though!

    Good luck getting in for the indoor!

  2. Sorry you were sick during your race, sounds awful :(

  3. i so want to do zoom yah yah too! good luck with the lottery!

  4. Oh no! Nothing worse than being sick during a race! Yay for struggling through! :) You're a tough one! Love the pic with your grandma! ;)