Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Marathon Costume? *NEED YOUR INPUT!*

This weekend is the Spinx Run Fest in SC~ State #44! Crazy, right? Well it's also Halloween weekend and of COURSE I need to dress up. This is where I need your help! I need something for the race that can be converted to be runner friendly. Also, it would be neat if I could incorporate something I normally carry as a prop. For example... I carry a water bottle and I could put an Rx sign on it and be a Dr or Nurse. Ok, I'm not so creative- Thus I need your help.

Any good runner-friendly costumes out there??

Last year I ran the Run Like Hell 5K dressed as Hannah Montana and had to rip off my blonde wig halfway through because it was SO hot... and there were bobipins holding it in *ouch.* I have a few things in my costume bag leftover from sorority mixers. You can feel free to incorporate any/all/none of these into your ideas...

1) Stethoscope (for a DR/Nurse party-- I see where your dirty mind is going!)
2) Handcuffs (POLICE Officer party... seriously, dirty birds out there!)
3) Hawaiian Lei
4) Dog Tags (from the Bataan memorial death march)
5) A full gangster outfit with....
6) Pinstripe hat
7) A bunch of mardi gras beads (various colors)
8) Elbow pads
9) Various Jerseys... Payton Manning, Bengals, Ohio State, Reds
10) Moose Hat... as run with in the Alaska Marathon.Pic Right

Mmmmm I think that's about it. Get those thinking caps on and let me know!


  1. My creativity stinks! How about dressing up as a pacer? A female Forrest Gump?
    I'll see you at RnR NOLA. You can run, finish, chill and wait for me at the finish line :)

  2. I did a run on Monday and dresses as a black eyed I put the letter P on my running top and put make up on my eye to look like a black eye it was perfect because I didn't have to wear any extras and it made people think a little bit. Another easy one would be putting a leaf hanging down from your hat in front of your face and being a leaf blower. Just some ideas! Good Luck!!!

  3. LOL at Anna :) great & easy ideas!!

    Hmmm, alot of your "props" would drive me mad running with them - especially for a marathon. SO sorry to report no creative ideas there...

    I'm doing a fun 10k as a bee. Black running skirt (or tights if it's cold) yellow tank and some bee wings I picked up at the dollar store.
    cheap and easy. hopefully the wings won't drive me bonkers!!

  4. Hey Steph, It's Sacco. You could use the elbow pads (and get some knee pads) and be Roller Derby Girl. Do the under the eye black like football players, do pigtails or double French braids and DONE.