Monday, October 25, 2010

CT Bimblers Bluff 50K ~ Post-Race Thoughts!!!!

This past weekend was the Bimblers Bluff 50K in Guilford, CT.  State #43 for me and marathon #46! This is a small trail ultra that isn't too highly publicized. I found it in attempts to find a marathon that works. Hartford is at a huge marathon time of the year and the mean nip-muck man wouldn't let me in his race b/c I'm not from the area-- I still haven't forgiven Nip-Muck Man! Outside that, there is 1 or 2 others in CT but they didn't work well with the schedule. I'm very happy we picked this one up because it was a great trail course, lots of fun and a great group of runners!

MB ran the race as well and our Pit Crew Chief was even able to come!  We didn't get a picture with him... but I promise, he was there holding the bags and taking the pictures! We found our friend and fellow Marathon Maniac, Brent, before the race and got a "Maniac" picture and then we were off...

The Race...
The race started and about a mile later it stopped! We came to a dead-end... yep a mile in and the first 20 runners were already lost! The first few missed a turn and none of us paid enough attention to realize we were offtrack. So we back tracked (adding on about a mile) and got back on course! 

The race a mostly an open trail (non technical) with a few short sections of single track tech. There were also some areas where we were running on a bed of rocks... and that did not feel too good! The course was full of rolling hills that added a challenge and a few areas of-- well climbing! We hit the "Bluff", which is a straight up climb. 

There were only a few aid stations on this course, but the volunteers (and spectators that made their way out to the trails) were so excited and helpful as we came through. I LOVE eating on trail ultras... unlike normal marathon they always have extra goodies: PB&J squares, candy, chips... they even had grilled cheese sandwiches! Not gonna lie... there is a good chance all the food slowed me down just a bit! Of course they also had mountain dew and coca-cola! 

And the Finish!
I was able to catch a bunch of guys in the last few miles (I couldn't find any women). I always find this to be the case in ultras... I run with guys (going back and forth) the whole race and in the last few miles I always have a kick of energy and they seem to fade out a bit. It's not just me-- I've noticed that this is pretty common for women once you get into the ultras. 

We had a surprise visit at the end of this marathon... CHRISTINE came to watch the end of the race! Christine lives in NJ and had a pretty quick drive up to CT, so she came to watch and hangout with me while we waited for MB to finish. I made her pose with one of the signs they brought down from the course. They had these fun signs at the aid stations and leading up to the Bluff. 

Thanks Christine for coming to cheer me on... You're the best!!!!

Coming Up!
We have a much shorter "recovery" period as this past race was on Sunday and the next one is this upcoming Saturday! This weekend is the Spinx Run Fest in SC. The next weekend is the Marshall University Marathon. 

Boston Watch 2K11
Still awaiting my confirmation from the B.A.A! I've started seeing MORE than a trickle of confirmed runners on the entrants page.. but no Stephanie :( Right now... the BAA and I are so NOT friends! Grrr. Don't worry-- I'll keep you all posted as soon as I hear!

Happy Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. I'm still waiting on mine too. Not cool BAA, not cool at all.

  2. and she keeps on moving :) Your endurance is AMAZING!!!

  3. Getting lost on a race??? As if 50K isn't far enough :(

    LOVE this sign!!!!

  4. Nice race..


    --kizzy oakley

  5. That sounds like a great race to do. I love the small ultras. The food…now that sounds good! I agree 100% with you, women handle ultras far better than men. I always admire how good the women look after an ultra compared to us men. Rest well this week!