Sunday, October 17, 2010

Detroit Marathon ~ Post Race Thoughts!

Today was the Detroit Marathon and my state #42 (marathon #45). This marathon was different because the course goes from Detroit, into Windsor (Ontario) Canada. After the Chicago Marathon of last week, this felt like a breath of fresh air with only about 4,000 full marathon runners... albeit with another 10,000+ half marathoners and 5K runners. 

Overall, the race went pretty well. I had a time of 3:30:19.... yeah so when I said I was going to take it easy I was (once again) a BFL (big fat liar). I was actually after a low 3:20, but had some ummm... potty needs. I did NOT use the imodium that I tried last week and this is definitely becoming an issue. Anyways- My time scored me top 5% of women and in my A/G but with this many runners, I did not place. 

Detroit doesn't seem to have a lot to do unless you want to go to Canada (couldn't b/c MB didn't have a passport and was lucky they gave her a bib) or like Casinos (not too big on them unless we're in vegas). So what did we do?... we went to hell-- oops I mean Ann Arbor. More on the Michi-loser trip in the last post, but in case you were wondering-- Michigan LOST! Muaahhahahahaah

Prior to the race we were able to meet up with another marathon maniac family-- Sally and Harold-- a father/daughter marathon maniac duo who are after the 50-states as well. We got a marathon maniac-family picture, then were off to gear check. It was cold this morning and I did NOT want to take off my sweats. Fortunately the start corrals were packed and body heat worked wonders and blocked the cold breeze. 

The Race!
The course was pretty cool... nothing too crazy hilly, except crossing the bridge and going through a tunnel from Detroit to Canada and back. Spectators were great through the whole course! A lot of them came out with their won provisions-- beer, candy, fruit, etc. 

Immediately upon finishing I got the wonderful opportunity to have my medal given to me by ANOTHER runner-blogger... Steph! She was super sweet and it was so nice to see a friendly face at the finish!!! Thanks for volunteering and being the one to give me my medal Steph!

Post-race I managed to scam myself-- not 1, not 2, but 3 free massages!!!! Not only that, but there was a group from Michigan Spine & Pain that gave out massages and I got one on Friday and one on Saturday. :) Hey! This is a very important part of training! 

After eating, showering, and napping, we went to find ourselves some Chocolate :) We found a dessert lovers dream called Astoria. This is what we got... don't judge we split it b/t 2 of us!

Ok-- I've had my 4 hour drive back, eaten everything in sight upon getting home and used a heat bad on my back/butt. I'm a little sore on my hammies, but besides that I'm ok. Now it's time for bed!!!! 

Happy Recovery!
"Run to Win" -Meb 


  1. congrats on a speedy 42!! and no judging here. You can eat whatever you want given all the running you do. I'm not sure how you are not hungry 24/7 :)

  2. It was awesome to meet you! You're such a sweet heart. I was totally bummed because as soon as you walked away I remembered that I had my camera on me. Oh well, I am sure we will cross paths at future reaces.

    I am glad you got to experience the BEST dessert place in all of south eastern Michigan. I do not judge when it comes to goodies from Astoria!

  3. Bummer on the potty issues... so frustrating! But congrats on another solid finish! I love how you seem to busy out these 3:30's so easily now!

  4. Congrats on the run chica!!! Glad you had a great day here in MI. Wish I could've met you but that'll just have to wait til Boston. :)