Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vibrams what's up with you??? And Podcast Review: FAIL!!!!

I ran a longer-maintenance run tonight. It was supposed to be around 8, but I underestimated my combined loops and overshot by about 3/4 of a mile. Still good though. Yes, I ran in my vibrams-- I don't THINK I had any embarrassing vibram moments... although, a chiuaua DID chase after me, but he's so short I couldn't figure out if he was actually barking at my feet. I'll be honest- it scared me at first!!! 3 Things on this run...

1) Have you ever had a moment when you're headphone are on and there are loud cars passing, right when somebody comes running up behind you quick. In the matter of .05 second it takes you to turn and realize it's another runner you manage to gasp, jump and think...

 "OMG, I'm about to be mugged and I have no pepper spray. What could they actually take from me? Well I DO love my Ipod-- it's pink and I don't really want to get a new one. It's a 3rd generation and the new ones are just so awkward. Well they have videos-- but seriously!!! Who can watch videos while they run?? Hmm... I would if it had Twilight on it! How can I best hide the jewlry I'm wearing? I wish I had listened when my mom told me I needed pepper spray!!!"

Well I had one of those moment followed quickly with a "oh my god" when I realized it was a group of high school cross country boys. Not only was I embarrased at my yelping and their passing me quicker than lightening, but I was also pretty jealous of their butts and legs-- yes, I DID say high school BOYS. I don't know what they're feeding boys out here but they have the butts and legs of very athletic chicks: Small, toned, curvey. I don't get it. Oh well, moving on!!!!....

2) My vibrams started fighting back. Remember my run through the Mud Pit?? Well after i washed and dried my VFFs they got a little snugger. Good news/bad news. Good news: When they rub they don't actually form blisters. Bad new: when they rub they just straight cut into your foot. Furtunately (or maybe UNfortunately) for me, I don't feel cutting into my feet. I came home with bloody feet and bloody VFFs. Sigh... oh well, I'll just have to get them back loostened up again-- back to wearing my VFFs around work!!!! Yayyyyyyy

3) PODCAST Review #1: Two Gomers Run a Marathon
DL Location: ITunes or above Link
Primary Type (Speaking, Music, etc): Speaking
Location (Home, Running, etc): Home
About: Supposed to be about running-- it's not!
Episode(s): 3 and 4

Opinion Time!
About: This is the first running podcast I've listened to and I just couldn't focus on anything they were saying. This is probably because it was extremely boring!!! I think you can take a running podcast 2 ways. 1) You know about running and you're talking about your methods, giving advice, giving other's advice, presenting different ideas in running, etc. OR 2) You don't know much about running- accept that fact and talk about what you're learning, why you're on the programs you are, bring in other people who DO know what they're talking about... or at LEAST be entertaining!!! These guys don't know much about running (even though they have trained for and run a half marathon). That's fine-- you have to start somewhere, but if you're going to do a show on it, accept that fact and discuss the challanges you're facing and how you're getting through those. These guys spent abouttt 20 of the 50 minutes talking about what shows they were excited to see come out. The only real running related discussion they had were talking about the 5K's they did and essentially only spent time complimenting themselves and each other.

OOH and on a side note: The one "Gomer" (still have no idea what that even means) was discussing the Taylor Swift/Kanye mess (this was the week after he interrupted her award) and the one actually said (in reference to Taylor Swift) "I've never even heard of that person". SERIOUSLY??? WTF


1) What podcasts are you following?? Where do you find them??? Any good places to DL podcasts for Mac computers???

2) WHO would YOU want to hear make a podcast??? I have 2 people/groups:
- I think if B.O.B and The Redhead did a podcast it would be freaking hilarious!!! They would definitely have a mix of "running knowledge" and pure entertainment.
- Tall Mom aleady has a huge following because of her insight and thoughtful nature. She would definitely have one of those uplifting "you can do it" sort of podcasts... you know full of pump up music and ever once in a while you hear motivating phrases like "aspire to inspire" Thanks Mel!!!   

That's all for tonight. Happy Running!!!!


  1. Another great VFF run!

    I,too don't feel feet/toe boo-boos until after. I have finish several races with bloody feet after running through water and having my shoes rub. No guts no glory!

    I like audio books but have never tired one on a run...might be nice to distract my brain but I really enjoy being aware of the great outdoors. I am no help on pod casts. (Redhead, B.O.B and Mel would be great. If I could get their blogs on podcast that couls help me catch up!!!)

  2. Redhead and BoB would rock doing a podcast!! I would probably be entertained by Rachel at The Beginner Runner's Blog. But I've learned from my little podcast experiment that listening to talking while running just does not work for me.

  3. Just curious on the VFF. I know you said you washed them, but when you dried them, did you let them air dry? I've only washed mine once, and it was air dried, and I didn't experience any of that. Maybe I will after another washing or two I will.

  4. I admit I to have creeped on high school boy runners...some of them are VERY cute and if I can crush on Jacob from Twilight who is in high school that isn't any different right???

    I did ballet for 18 years and nothing was worse than taking off your pointe shoes and blood all over. Glad you can't feel it either!

    I listen to podcast from my church and they are good because they are usually to the point and not too long. I would love to hear a podcast from Ryan Hall!

  5. You know, I've never listened to a Podcast! I'd be all over it if Redhead or Tall Mom made one!

    Shut Up & Run would be hysterical as well. That woman cracks me up.

    Nice job on the run and I hope you can loose up those Vibrams again!

  6. OMG your inner monolgue about being mugged is hilarious! I do that too! My roommate bike paces me a lot now and the other morning a runner came up beside her and scared the bageez out of her and we both died laughing.

    What are they feeding those track boys? Seriously, I have some around my area too that I stare at... ;) (Cougar much?)

    Ok so coming home to bloody feet kinda freaks me out! I wonder if they have any info out there on how to keep them stretched out after drying. What about newspaper? My coach tells us to put newspaper in our shoes during the sweaty hot summer months to absorb and keep smell at bay but I bet that would work to keep the toes stretch out.

    As for doing a podcast with B.o.B, that would be a ton of fun but would anyone really listen to it? We are HUGE dorks! LOL! I'll have to discuss this with her this weekend and see what she thinks... Although I'm not sure I could stomach hearing my high pitched cackle via web! LOL!

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for donating to Operation Jack! It means so much to me and I really, really, really appreciate it!

    Ok so this has turned into a book. :)

  7. Sorry about the misunderstanding on my blog about running naked! As per your comments, I've updated and explained my running naked.

  8. Hm, shoes that make your feet bloody cannot be a good thing. People just aren't selling me on those yet. ;)

    A podcast with me and Red would indeed be the goofiest thing ever produces. As a side note, I used to be on a talk radio program in college. I think we had all of 10 listeners. LOL!

    Glad you didn't actually get mugged, btw.

  9. I have trouble listening to podcasts. I think I just have trouble listening to recording talking in general...I find it hard to pay attention to the radio when they talk. Maybe I just haven't found a good podcast yet either.

  10. Oh no! Bloody feet are not good. I used to have the same problem with swimming fins. They sell neoprene socks that you can wear with the fins. I don't think that they would work with the Vibrams, though. The only other thing that worked for me was taping my feet where the fins rubbed. I hope you can stretch them back out!

  11. Gomers arent one of my favs. There are better ones out there. I dont got a mac but do get all my podcasts off itunes for free. Myself I think listenign to you report on all your marathons would be interesting.