Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Goal Recap and Race Sched Update!!!

Its been a whole week since I made my 2010 goals and with my ankle coming back to life, I wanted to do a little positive-reinforcement and check out the steps I've made so far!!!

1)Get and Stay Healthy... getting there-- The ankle feels better and I'm hoping to do a little bit of a longer run in my vibrams tonight. Wish me luck!!!!
2) 24 Marathons... signed up for another 3 including Rock-N-Roll Seattle!!! If anybody wants to run and need a $10 discount code let me know!!!
3)120 lbs - get there and stay there. Did a weight check on Saturday, I'm down to 126.5 (lost 1.5 lbs last week with all my non-running classes and high rep weight lifting. Plus eating a lot better. Woohoo!)
4) We've decided on our Alaskan Marathon-- MB, myself, Aunt Terri, and Granama will be going to Anchorage Alaska in August for MB and me to run the Humpy's Classic Marathon!!!
5) 2010 Miles in 2010-- With a week off, I'm low on milage (84.4 miles for the month) but hopefully I'll recover and make it up soon! For now... FAIL!
6) Treadmill!!! Ugh did my first mid-distance run this week! Making progress...
7) Bloggy friends... I've made plans to meet a few (see below sched) for a couple of races! yayyyy
8) Boston? No speedwork started this year with my break I was taking :( FAIL
Extra Goal: 150 followers? Well I had 77, and now I have 86 followers. I call that progress!

... NOT TOO SHABBY. Getting a good start, now I just need to stay focused and heal any injuries!

I was able to update my schedule for 2010. You can always find it in the "Upcoming races" link at the top of the page.. but for now I'll give you a preview and a link here for the full list as well. If you're going to any of the same races or you want to join me for one of the races just let me know. Also, if you're doing a race in a state that is tentative or doesn't have a race scheduled, let me know and I can join you!

February Marathons...
Myrtle Beach Marathon (SC)
Myrtle Beach, SC ~ Feb 13, 2010 <3 <3
Spectator: Kyle
HMRRC Winter Marathon (NY)
Albany, NY ~ Feb 21, 2010
Spectators: Home town groupies! 

March Marathons...
Little Rock Marathon (AR)
Little Rock, AR ~ Mar 7, 2010
Runners: MB

Bataan Memorial Death March (NM)
White Sands, NM ~ Mar 21, 2010
Runners: Team "Beauty and the Geeks" & Kim's Team

Ocean Drive Marathon (NJ)
Cape May, NJ~ Mar 28, 2010
Runners: MB

April Marathons...
GO! St. Louis Marathon (MO)
St. Louis, MO ~ April 22, 2010
Runners: MB

April Tentative...
Vasque Free State Trail Marathon (KS)- Part 1 of Double
Lawrence, KS ~ April 24, 2010

Oklahoma City Marathon (OK)- Part 2 of Double
Oklahoma City, OK ~ April 25, 2010
Runners: MB, Amanda
May Marathons...
Delaware Marathon (DE)
Wilmington, DE ~ May 16, 2010

Fargo Marathon (ND)
Fargo, ND ~ May 22, 2010

June Marathons...
Rock'N'Roll Seattle
Seattle, WA ~ June 26, 2010
Runners: Mel (Tall Mom), Amanda, Marlene, Amanda

For full sched see above link.

IR: Going to try for a longer run tonight-- outside in the vibrams. We'll see how I do!


  1. You're making great progress on your goals - keep it up! Hopefully no more injuries to get in the way.

    I like the schedule... especially June! ;)

  2. Been following your blog for almost a month now.. very cool! Looking forward to following you thru your marathons. I am running Surf City on Feb. 7. Looking for a possible March marathon... I'll let you know if I end up running one on your schedule!

  3. Love it!! Hope you get well ASAP..

    I LOVE Anchorage, the people are sooo nice there, although I cannot imagine running a MArathon there.

    Will be great to meet you in June.. And thanks for the code.

  4. Great schedule, I can't wait to read all about them. Seriously, I love reading your recaps! Good luck in all you do this year girl!

  5. Best of luck to you! The Fargo Marathon has grown so much! It should be a great run for you. Fire up!

  6. What a great list of marathons! Great job on your goals so far, here's hoping you stay injury free!! :)

  7. YAY thats an awesome list!! I wish I was going to be at RNR Seattle - that one will be sooo fun!

  8. Great list! I'll be looking forward to your reviews as I have several of those on my "someday" list. One marathon a year is all my body and my life can handle. ;o)

  9. Running the Ocean Drive Marathon in March as well. It will only be my second marathon but I am looking forward to it. See you out there...

  10. I think you might just be my idol...your schedule is amazing and you are seeing so many great places. I love it!

  11. I was going to comment sooner but I had jet-lag from reading your race list!!

  12. Wowzie, you are one busy, traveling marathon woman! Way to go! Look forward to sharing your journey!

  13. I'm running Little Rock and St. Louis as well as Bataan with you. Another option for your Kansas race would be to run the Olathe Marathon as a double with St. Louis.

    Hope your recovery continues to go well!