Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vibram 10-miler & Mud Feet

Workout #5 with VFFs... Long Run!

Run attempt #5: First Long Run- 10M
Location: Back part of the Flying Pig Marathon loop
Mileage: 10 Mile
Incline: Varied-- Large up and down hills
Shoe: Vibram 5-finger classics
Pace: ~9min/mile

I completed my first longer run in my new vibrams. I waited until the next day for my "evaluation" of how the run went-- as should be done when transitioning into my new purple feet! As usual, I started off a little tight in my ankle and had to stop after about a mile to stretch it and run my ankle. After that, I stayed pretty loose. I feel confident in building up my mileage over the next 3 weeks, before my next marathon. Post-run thoughts? I'm surprised that my calves feel much more loose than before the run.

Mud Feet!!! aka. Embarrassing story #3 for the week!!!
Ok, I don't know how you'll feel about port-a-johns but I really don't mind them, esp if I'm on a run, need one and ta-daaaa there's magically one there! Like my own little poop-fairy godmother is watching out! Well Hyde Park seems to always have little construction sites going on, so there tend to be random port-a-johns all around. Not gonna lie-- when I find a port-a-john on a long run I get a similar feeling to  discovering somebody has a completely open facebook profile. YAYAYA-- Kind of like that!

So I'm on my run around mile 7-- 3miles from home and I've taken a GU without water-- you can guess what that means. I remember that up the road, along my route, there is a little bit of road work going on and there is a port-a-john that never seems to be used, but always maintained at the end of the week (oh yes, I check the maintenance dates). I think "YESS!!!" But I still have about a mile. I slow down a little when I see a HERD of runners coming toward me. Ugggh! One of the local running stores always has a huge group and they all run on the same roads saturday mornings in my neighborhood. Oh great. Well I start picking up pace because 1) I wanna look good in front of these other runners and 2) I HAVE to get to this port-a-john.

When I make my way through the oncoming traffic running 2-3 abreast (ps. how annoying is that??) I hear about a dozen people say or yell "Vibrams" or "Barefoot running!!!!" at me, which gets the attention of the maybe 2 people who haven't noticed my feet. Well... at least they know what they are and aren't staring at me as I run by with a look that says "why are your feet purple and where are your shoes??" like most people do!

So, I make my way through, get down the road and FINALLY get to my port-a-john (maintained the day before). I do my thang and head out. Well instead of going the 5 feet straight ahead to the road then running, I decide to take a cut through the grass a little... or the dirt, as it appeared to be. Not so much!!! As I start to sink into a foot of mud I realize I've made a big mistake. I make my way over to the road as quickly as possible, wading through the mud. My vibrams are COVERED in thick heavy mud. Now the "purple feet" look isn't sounding so bad, as I look like some sort of Yetti with mud-covered feet! Ick.

I run my last 2 miles to gym, going through the grass as much as possible to try and get the mud off. I can feel the mud going into the vibrams and it's gross. Once I'm at the gym, I gun it up the stairs to the locker room showers to get the mud off my feet and legs. I'm definitely happy I didn't have real shoes because they would have been very heavy and probably ruined. Oh well... at least I really got to test out the VFFs! They cleaned off well, dried easily and don't appear to have shrunken.

Took the day off today for a little recovery!!!

Ohhh and follow up to my photo-friday post? We had a little New Moon pre-gaming action last night, playing "New Moon" the board games (yes, there is a board game) and drinking champagne out of my new moon cup-- I knowwww what you're thinking... "wow this is one classy chick!" Orrrr probably more likely-- "wow, this girl needs a better Sat night life!" No worries, we went out after the game. :)


  1. Where to start? Where to start?

    Great job on the amazingly long run with your VFF. Next thing you know, you will be their spokesperson!!! I can see you in the commercials now!

    The port-a-potty. Clean potty. Dirty feet. Funny!!!

    I did not know there was a board game. I would lose.

  2. I HATE the feeling of mud seeping through my shoes after unknowingly running into a puddle. I can only imagine how much worse it is in the Vibrams!

    Well done on the long run! Glad you're recovering from the injury!

  3. Funny story and congrats on the long run! I would love to try vibrams out but I feel like their is no surface conducive to running in vibrams around here....maybe I'm just being a baby :( PS-Love the Twilight game!

  4. Hmm so the soles of your feet aren't sore or tired when using the vibrams?

  5. You crack me up!

    Love the New Moon party. (Um, where was my invitation?)

    Congrats on the 10-mile success in the Vibrams.... despite the mud incident. Hope they cleaned off well.

  6. Amanda! No my feet are pretty good. The front pads are getting a little gritty, but they were already SUCH a mess!!! My bf constantly tells me I need a pedi-- seriously, they're gross! There wasn't much more harm the vibrams could do. :)

  7. I love that you just compared finding some place to go to the bathroom to creeping on facebook-made my day

  8. You run good whit the Vibrams and you can do shopping whit the Vibrams, see what the people say ;-).
    Nice game and i see the christmas tree next to the door on the pic!...
    Have a nice time and run whit fun on your next marathon..
    I have to wait to 11 April 2010 Rotterdam marathon!, next is 30km, than 6 houre and 50 miles race!.

  9. Good run in vibrams, I need to get a pair. Are you sure it was mud and not the porta john leaking!

  10. LOL about finding a port-o-john. It's seriously like hitting the lottery!

    Thanks for the condolences. I really appreciate it.

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  12. Great post and awesome vibram shoes. I love five fingers shoes.