Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VFF #6- Longest Death-mill run!!!

Workout #6 with VFFs... LongEST death-mill run!!!

Run attempt #6:
Location: 1-Mile to the Gym, then 5 miles on a treadmill!!!!!
Mileage: 6 Mile
Incline: Varied 0.0-5.6 incline
Shoe: Vibram 5-finger classics
Pace: ~8:40min/mile

I think I've (almost) completely transitioned to the VFFs! 5 miles with decent sized hills and some speed work at the end... My vibrams are holding up well. I say almost because I've yet to run an actual marathon in my new kicks. We'll see how that goes. ... that was the run last night

As for the treadmill, I'm giving myself a freaking HIGH-five for 5 miles!!! That's HUGE for me. A few weeks ago I would kill myself to do 1 mile and count down each of the tenths of miles... ok, ok hundreths.

Treadmill Entertainment?
1) Killer hills to Flat: the range keeps me going and pushing through the miles!
2) What NOT to Wear-- seriously, who doesn't love that show? It's an hour and TLC is one of my favorite channels :) TV distracts!!!
3) PODCASTS??? I DL's a few tonight so tomorrow I'll test out the power of the podcast. I can only figure out how to DL on my mac through I-Tunes... DOES anybody else know a good site to get podcasts that work for apples??? Podbean did not seem to. :(

... What helps YOU get through your treadmill workouts??? I would love some ideas on how to speed the time up.

Happy Running!!!!!!!!!!

PS> I may be 3-glasses deep into champagne at this moment (yes, left over champagne from the New Moon board game night) so please excuse any typos!!!!

OOOH HUGE PS!!! I heard back from Vibrams on transitioning. I simply asked if they had a plan for transitioning into running with vibrams and this is what i got back today...

Hi Stephanie,

We always recommend starting as slowly as possible. There is a great website for transitioning runners called runbare.com/ 

You will probably find that running in FF will stimulate many more muscles in the feet and lower legs. Because of this, you need to ease into training by running 10-20% of our normal run at first and then building gradually fro there.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions!

Georgia Shaw

Marketing Associate, Vibram FiveFinger

Checking out the site and I'll be back for what I learned... I DO find it funny that VFFs require ANOTHER site to help transition. :P


  1. On the TM, I count in sets of 4 ... 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2 up to 50 and then I have a 1/2 mile in. That's when I'm really bored. I've run up to 15 miles on the TM before.

  2. Thanks for all the info you've been posting on the VFF. I just picked up the book 'Born to Run' and I'm sure I'll be wanting a pair of Vibrams by the time I'm done reading.

  3. Great job in the Vibrams!
    TM work is a mental test more than anything I swear.
    I had to do 22 freaking miles on it last spring.
    I listen to music, podcasts, watch TV, swear a lot, alter the speed/incline, swear more, that's pretty much it.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your champagne. :)

    Nice work on the treadmill fiver. I love WNTW! Could watch it all day.

    Awesome that Vibram got back to you, but yes... kind of funny that they refer you to another site. :/

  5. What Not to Wear is my fave.. I srota want to dress like a goomba just to TRY to be on the show.. And I love Champagne..

    The only DREADMILL I have run on lately faces a huge mirror, sorry but I just cant do it.

    A FULL Marathon in Vibrams?? Wow you better be getting those for free with all this press :)

  6. Believe it or not, I love running on the treadmill when I am using the VFF than on the road. The impact are softer!

    What? Are you seriously thinking of doing the marathon in VFF ? Wow ! Let me know how that goes!

  7. Another great VFF run!

    I love TLC. So many interesting shows.