Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Marathon Team Name Contest!!!

Bataan Memorial Death March-- Team Name!!! I'm running with 4 guys-- that means little creativity and care into a team name (more of a girl thing). So I'm looking for YOUR help...

In March I'll be running the Bataan Memorial Death March with a team of 5 and I'm looking for a creative, witty, fun team name. Whoever submits the best name wins-- What do you win, you ask? A big Cyber High-Five!!!! You KNOW you want one!!! I'll pick the top 3 names and put them in a poll for voting.

Race: Bataan Memorial Death March  at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico
Date: March 21, 2010
Team: 5 People, 4 Guys and 1 Gal (me)
Geography: 3 people from Cincinnati OH (Flying Pigs), 1 person from Albany NY (ARE- Albany Running Exchang) and 1 more from FL or MT (TBD).
Running History: All people involved have run 10+ marathons but we are not ALL maniacs or 50-staters.
Race Background: "The Bataan Memorial Death March honors a special group of World War II heroes. These brave soldiers were responsible for the defense of the islands of Luzon, Corregidor and the harbor defense forts of the Philippines." (From the race website) This is a race soaked in military history. Also, the team must run together... must finish within 20 seconds of one another.

Suggestions So Far:
1. "Beauty and the Geeks" - John K. (Team member)
2. "Desert Lemmings" - John K.
3. "Flying Piggies & Friends" -Me (not so great)
4. "Run 4 Therapy"
5. "Marathons R US"/"Marathon Junkies"
... Let's hear what you have!!!

The Team...


  1. OK my brain is in post holiday FUNK.. but here is what I have

    1. Smiles for Miles

    2. Who invited the Girl?

    3. My Feet Hurt

    4. Aspire to Inspire

    5. FLOHNY or MTOHNY (States combined to make a TRIBE name)

    Hmmm...not great but hey I TRIED :)

    Hugs Steph.

    Happy New Year Friend..

  2. I love Mel's "who invited the girl" - that's funny

    I will have to give this more thought than work allows me!

  3. Oh I have another one but I doubt the guys will like it..

    4 Men and a Runner


    And a few DORKY ones:

    Can we stop now?

    A Cheeseburger Sounds Good

    Don't Act like you are not Impressed!

  4. 1. I like "who invited the girl?" but I submit it's inverse: "Who Invited the Guys?"

    2. And They Make Fun of Women For Going to the Bathroom Together...

    3. 3 D!cks and a Chick

    4. I Shaved My Legs For This?

    5. Behind Every Good Women...Are 4 Men

    6. Run, Run, Fast As You Can, Can't Catch Her Cause She's Not A Man

    That's all I got; clearly the quality of suggestions is degenerating as I go on...so I won't! :-P Good Luck!

  5. Four sacks and one rack