Friday, January 22, 2010

Photo Friday... my weekend drinks!!! & Vibram w/o #4

I took only 2 pictures during last weekends "activities" (I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what said activities are) and they were both pictures of drinks that I felt were good discussion points for my running blog-- esp leading up to another fun-filled (although non-marathon) weekend -- seriously, how can a weekend be fun if you're not running a marathon? pshhhh...

Drink #1) PoMeGrAnAtE MaRgArItA!
Discussion Point 1: The amount of time I spend running in life, is directly proportional to the speed at which I start to get drunk!

1) This is not just a picture of my margarita, this is a picture taken at the exact point that I get that blood vessel/muscle tightening feeling in my legs. Does anybody else get this??? It's the point when alcohol first hits me and my legs are the first place that feels it-- almost a tightening sensation of the muscle or maybe the veins?? It kind of almost hurts. Who knows... I can't be the only person this happens to!!!

2) Also, this isn't an "empty stomach-haven't eaten in hours- so the drink hits me fast" type of situation. I had, in fact, eaten about an hour before this. So I am, in fact, pathetic!

3) Is there anything better than a Pom martini/margarita?? Actually, just yesterday Shut up and Run made a post about the uhhhhh health benefits of Pom juice. hmmmm

*Yes, that's a sugar ring at the top... yummmm*

Drink #2) NEW MOON CUP--- does it really matter whats in the cup?? No- I don't think so!
Discussion Point 2: No, I'm not too old to make a fool of myelf over a teen movie... cup.

1) First and foremost-- Team Edward!!! If you're on Team Jacob we can have a lengthy discussion on why you're incorrect :0P Which team are YOU on?? Do you dare tell me???

2) I did, in fact, scream at the popcorn girl who was filling my coke cup up with a normal coke cup that I "NEED THE NEW MOON CUP!!!" much to Kyle's embarrassment. Do I care? Of course not, I have a really cool cup now!!!

3) I most CERTAINLY kept the cup (It's a hard plastic take home cup) and it was displayed on my living room table, until Kyle put it in the kitchen... I don't think he approves of my obsession/he thought the cup should be cleaned. whateverrrrr

4) What books/movies should you be ashamed of having an obsession over, but don't??

5) I'm determined to find a free audio copy of the twilight series to listen to in  my marathons!!! I can't think of something I would rather do more with my running time than listen to this stuff!! If you happen to know where I can find a copy, I'm all ears!!!! Slash I will love you foreverrrrrrr...
Workout Numero 4 with the Vibrams...

Run attempt #4: 6 Mile Tempo
Location: 2 outdoors, 4 Treadmill
Mileage: 6 Mile
Incline: Slight uphill to the gym 1 mile, 4 mile "random" setting on the mill-o-death, and 1 mile downhill home
Shoe: Vibram 5-finger classics
Pace: 8:00-8:20 min/mile

Bob  was kind enough to send me this link on transitioning to barefoot running. I've been reading up and it sound like you slowly increase your miles then you'll hit a point where your legs say "ok, that's enough" and you're very sore right after or the next day-- primarily in your lower legs. Well folks, my magic point is 6-miles. No biggie though, this is expected and this site actually has different programs to make your transition...

The idea is to test your legs out little by little. I chose the "Average" foot stregth program...

*Sample program provided from the Run Natural Blog.*

My mileage/evaluation period just about doubled this program, but they currently don't have an "advanced foot strength" program. So their day 6 is my mile 6-- I definitely have a little achilles and calf tightening post-run last night and today. So today I'll take an easy day to loosten up then resume my increase on Saturday. According to their site "it only gets easier..." after 4 miles, hopefully that works for my mile 6!

Foot Evaluation: (how are the feet holding up) My feet are taking to the vibrams in a few ways....
1) I'm starting to get an arch in my foot. I wish I had my camera yesterday. It was raining on my way to the gym and when I got inside I saw my footprint for the first time... and there is an arch!!!! Even with the vibrams on.
2) My calves are getting bigger... apparently that is possible!!! I'm so not going to fit into any of my high boots anymore. Ugh...
3) The pads of my feet are gettig a bit torn up... starting to peel and get callased over. Kind of gross, but at least they're accepting the vibrams.
4) I got my first "sore" (blisters/cutes/etc) from the vibrams. I was running in the rain, then came inside and ran. I got a little bit of a nick on the inside of my left foot. May be from how I had the vibrams tightned using the chord in the back.

Vibram Evaluation: (how are the vibrams holding up) I've notived a few things...
1) I have my first small hole (mind you I've been wearing these things everywhere and doing every kind of workout in them... including spinning!). I thought spinning (being up in the saddle esp) would help the pad of my foot get stronger in the vibrams. At some point I must have caused a tear getting out of the bike. oops. Hopefully it stays small
2) Running in big puddles in vibrams had its pros and cons. Pro: They don't hold water like sneakers, weighing me down. Con: It's like running in water shoes-- they tend to rub a little when wet.
3) My toes get cold :( I'm going to look into getting their more covering forms of vibrams-- the classics are very open. Also, looking into getting the Injinji socks!
... so far so good!

Going to try for a 10 miler tomorrow. This will push and test both my ankle and my vibrams! If I can make it through this run then I'll feel much more confident about 1) Running Myrtle Beach in a few weeks at all and 2) Running in my vibrams.

If the vibrams bother me, I'm gong back to shoes for these next two marathons, and the rest of the training on the way. If my ankle hurts, I'm going to see a sports ankle specialist next week. Wish me luck!!!


  1. You are CRACKING me up Steph!! I now have a better idea of what to put in your "Welcome to Seattle" goodie bag :)

  2. I already love your blog and so glad you are following mine! Thanks for the book suggestions!!

  3. TEAM EDWARD all the way. We will get along just fine in Seattle. ;)

    Good luck with the 10 in your Vibrams!

  4. You are too funny; the cup just made me laugh! Glad you got it though. Good luck with your 10-miler tomorrow...and happy weekend!

  5. All I can say is "YAY YAY YAY VIBRAMS!"

    I can't give you any advice for running in the classics, I run in the KSOs and the Flows (which are perfect for cold weather/rainy day running). My heels always get torn up when I break them in...but other than that, they're gravy.

    I predict you'll be marathoning in them in now time. :)

  6. After 4 months of running in VFFs and barefoot I found my feet had changed a lot too. My regular running shoes don't fit any longer. Guess my ankles are bulkier and my toes are stronger and straighter....

  7. I used to be Team Edward, but I must say, Jacob is pretty darn hot. I have my Twilight cup. :) If you find the audio version, please let me know!

  8. So, I surprisingly haven't gotten into Twilight. Everyone has told me that I would love it, as I absolutely love teeny bopper books and movies. Secondly, mmmm pomegranate margaritas and! I have always been a lightweight, but its worse now. I have never gotten the tight leg feeling-or maybe I don't pay attention?

  9. I am a boring non-drinker. Me + alchol = bad behavior. So I haven't drank in yeaaaarrsssss!

    I am amazed at your VFF runs. I just can't imagine going 6 miles and tomorrow you are doing your VFFs! Awesome job! I hope your ankle holds up.
    Exciting to think you might run your marathon in them.