Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Marathon Goals... Uh Oh!

I've started off 2010 with a bang... literally-- my knee BANGING the ground in my second marathon of the weekend (OY!). Having had-- well, let's say not the greatest start to my second year of perpetual (some call it "insane" "stupid" "ridiculous.. etc) marathoning-- I decided to will myself to good health and good running by coming up with a goals list.

With my knee hurting this weekend, I did sort of a calf/achilles push, the last 7 miles of the race. Bad idea... my achilles is now killing me. So goal #1...

1) Get and STAY healthy~ Now I know injuries can and likely WILL occur, but I mean serious "sorry miss, but you cannot run a marathon with your hamstring rolled up to your butt" type of injuries. So, I'm going to try my best to...
     a) Strength Train to my body is more used to the breakdown and can handle it
     b) Stretch, stretch, stretch...
     c) Listen to my body and rest when needed! (that's a big one... I'm not too great at that!)
2) 24 marathons this year! Depending on money, I may slip an extra one to round it out to an even 25.
3) Get down to 120lbs. Currently, I'm at 128-- yes, I just revealed my weight for the whole world to see. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated to dropping the extra pudge. Hey-- its 2 second/mile for every lb you lose! I'll take anything I can get.
4) Complete my Alaskan Marathon! (side goal... see a polar bear & a penguin!)
5) If you don't already follow Mel on Tall Mom on the Run, you should! Oh and she's doing a 1000 mile challenge. I've signed up, but I'm HOPING to do 2010 miles for 2010! We will see how that goes!
6) Learn to run on a treadmill! I've printed out a couple of treadmill workouts... UGH
7) Meet some of my bloggy friends at races. I've only met a handful and it would be fun to meet more! So if you have any races coming up in states that I haven't run in, just let me know!!!
8) Boston Time in 2010? I think its a lot to ask my body to run so much, yet run a boston time... but that's my "let's really push yourself this year" goal.

Phew... that's a lot looking back on it, but I'm hoping to make it work. YOUR job (readers) is to keep me honest. If I'm slacking you're allowed to Email me with verbal b****-slaps.

Oooh one more goal.... I currently have 77 followers. :) I would like my posts to get a little more interesting and see if I can get to 150 followers. 2009 was my first year-- 77 is not bad at all! I think I'm up for the challenge! New and interesting posts to come for 2010!


  1. WOW -- you continue to amaze and motivate me!! Keep it up. I can't recall being 120 lbs -- 8th grade?? How tall are you girly?

  2. Now you're up to 78 followers.

  3. AWESOME goals buddy. 24 Marathons, Woman you are AMAZING!

    So I though I was going to do Tacoma but change to Eugene, bummer I would have loved to meet you :)

  4. Amazing goals! You are just so inspiring! I know you are going to round it to 25 marathons.

    I wonder if I can run 2 back to back in March (gee, wonder where I got that idea?!?) and you are working on 25 in a year. Inspiring, see? You have inspired this mom of 3 to wonder if she can do more. Thanks!

    I know you've run PA but if your running in PA MD or VA let me know you could have another bloggy meet up!

  5. great goals. 24 marathons this year.. wow.