Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A run a day keeps the Dr. away???

Since I did so well the past 2 days of running, I'm going to try to sneak in just 1 more before going back to the Dr. tomorrow morning. I'm going to try for a 4 mile run on the, UGHHHH treadmill. I don't feel confident enough in my ankle to run out in the streets. Just picture it...

I'm 2 miles from home, wearing my vibrams and I have to stop running. I'm going to look like some sort of purple-footed hitch hiking freak!!!! No spanks!!!!

IR: My ankle feels better when I run, but I haven't tried to push too hard. When I press on the tendon/bone/area thing -- it still hurts to the touch. Hopefully its more of a deep bruise and I can run through it.

*If you think you know whats wrong with me I'm taking guesses!!! If I ever find out and you guessed right, you get a prize!!!*
Clue #1: The pain is coming from the inside of my right ankle.
Clue #2: The pain hurt most when I would kick back in my stride (running only, not walking), as well as when I walked up the stairs
Clue #3: There are 2 "hot spots" of pain... the first is on the inside, top of the heel-- if you are looking at your foot, its right to the left of where the achilles meets the heel bone-- there is some sort of tendon or ligament there. The other spot is just above the ankle bone, again on the inside, with about 2 inches of an area that is in pain. I can't tell if its actually on the small leg bone or on a tendon/muscle/w.e that runs along the bone.

Good luck!!!


  1. I think you have ankleitis... it means you have umm ankles...and sometimes they hurt... yup I'm a very good doctor, so let me know if you need any more information about this. :)

  2. LOL at Amanda's comment!

    I hope the run goes well and good luck at the doc tomorrow!

  3. Official diagnosis is IRAP. Definition is Inside Right Ankle Pain. Duh, you need a doctor to tell you that?! OK, I guess you DO need a doctor's diagnosis. Hope I at least made you smile. Good luck with your appt.

  4. I don't want to guess, because for your sake, I want it to be nothing. Injuries are not fun and I hope that you can figure this out. When I was having my achilles problem, what really helped was ice baths twice a day, it really helped reduce the inflammation in the tendon, not sure if you tried that yet, I am not a fan of medicine so I was trying my best to find other solutions.

  5. I dont no!.
    You can try rest, ore go to the doctor.
    Goodluck and i hope no pain soon.

  6. I'm so sorry about your problem. that is such a freakin' bummer. But your posts make me laugh!!!

  7. I am not going to guess and put any negativity out there. I am praying for a "all you need is a little rest" diagnosis!