Friday, January 15, 2010

I may or may not be emotionally cheating...

So yesterday a local radio was talking about different forms of cheating-- one thing they said was that women actually find it worse to emotionally cheat than actually cheat. After a little bit of debate, it was decided that emotional meant-- having feelings for, being in love with, devloping a strong relationship with, etc somebody other than your signif other. Well...

I'm in LOVE I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it!!!!
Meet my new love, or should I say loves (that's right, I'm an multi emotional cheater)...

(my right foot isn't weird-- its my compression sock!)
I'm the proud new owner of  Vibram Five Fingers!!! After reading the book "Born to Run " (seriously, read this book!) I had to try these out! Also, with my ankle/heel/tendon/w.e hurting I wanted something that forces stability in the small muscles/tendons of my feet. These are awesome!

The only down side to these: EVERYBODY keeps asking me what are on my feet and calling them socks... they're NOT socks!!!! Ugh!!! I tried to run to the grocery store quickly last night and had so many people stop me.

I've yet to run in them, with my ankle hurt, but walking around in them feels really good. I can already feel it building my arch back up (I have flat feet). Also, the guy at the store said they're kind of hard to get on the first couple times, until your toes get used to it-- but my toes slipped right into them the first day!!!

More to come when I can FINALLY run and let you know how they hold up!

IR: So far, I'm feeling a LITTLE better. I tried pushing off and it feels more like a tightness rather than a ripping! That's good. I'm still resting from my normal running :( Which means I've been doing every non-high-impact class my gym has to offer...

Zumba: The first class I tried. My grandma actually told me that I should try this cause she goes all the time. One thing I learned... GRANDMA is NO LONGER going to these classes!!!!! I will not have my grandma doing "booty rolls" or "dropping it like its hot!!!" Just not acceptable. Do you hear me grandma???

Urban Warrior: I'm a member at Urban Active and this is a high rep, low weight class. Its a scorcher, but fun!

I'm going to "Triple Fit" tomorrow morning and I'll let you'll know how that goes. I can also do a little elipticizing (sp???) and cardio lifting. Woohoo... I'm going to be buff after a week!!!!

Thank you to everyone for your well-wishes and good luck!!!!! Keep it up and maybe I'll be back to running next week!!! *Fingers Crossed*

Happy Friday

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  1. Great Five Fingers. I've heard so much about them lately.

    I agree. Gram can not take that class any more!

    This is when I am jealous of people who live in the city. We have no real classes. I know I used to teach them but on one really wanted to actually sweat. They wanted to socialize in their cute workout gear. Grrr! Personal training is the only way. At least they want you to beat them. Those clients pay you to do it! soap box.

    Enjoy your classes and heal quickly!

  2. They are actually kinda...cute?

  3. My boyfriend just picked up a pair because he deals with Plantar Fascitis and hopes it will help. Def do a review on them further down the road and let us know what you think!

  4. Those things look SO cool and I would live to try them out. Glad to hear you like them so far - can't wait to hear about your first Vibram RUN!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation- I am totally going to read the book. Sounds like you're being smart about recovering from the double, good move!

  6. gosh I have debated trying these for months...I want to hear what you think once you are really running in them!! Which I hope for you is soon!

  7. I am so glad you are a follower of my blog! You are truly an inspiration! I can't wait to watch as you achieve your goals!

  8. I've been considering those five fingers for a little while. I'm looking forward to your report on them.

  9. Hehehe.. I dont think my Grandmas ever worked out.. LOL!!

    OK cant wait to hear how running in those feels for you.

    Get better! The widgets seem to be working well for me..

  10. My granny bless her soul used to bust a move in her kitchen all the time!
    I am this close to getting a pair of Vibrams for myself--I suspect I'd love them!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliment! Go to for free backgrounds! : )

  11. Nice blog to visit and you run a lot af marathons!.
    You run 25 marathon and i run them to.
    Goodluck whit your 50 state marathons and i run 12 state marathon in Holland(Holland is not so big!).
    I hope to see you in Newyork marathon this year.
    I go for the ultra run this year.

  12. Hey...foung your blog via someone else's. Thanks! I bet Vibram has seen astronomical spikes in sales after 'Born to Run' came out...will be interested in how you like them running. I got new shoes the other day which weight like almost nothing. I thought there was no way they were going to save my legs...but wow, they did and I had a great run.

    Looking forward to your Myrtle Beach journey!