Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo Thursday???... and injury report

Ok I know people typically do their photo Friday on, well... Friday, but I wanted to get a little Friday into my Thursday!

This is my "office" (cube) wall covered with almost all of my marathon bibs. It's a way I like to stay motivated. I remind myself that I want to fill the wall up. I also have colleagues that will come over and say "hey... I don't see any new ones!!!" To which I usually reply "Don't worry, I'll get another this weekend."

Other than my bibs, there are 2 towels- 1 is from the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, OH-- GREAT race! The second I received when I won the Dances with Dirt marathon in Baraboo, along with a Dances with Dirt gym bag, and a few other goodies. Very cool

Between the towels, on the left, there is also a picture of MB and I after the 2009 Flying Pig Marathon, holding our medals up!

IR (Injury Report): Went to our on-site clinic at work. The Dr. took a look at it and said I either have: 
OptionA:  a small tendon tear where it meets the heel bone-- not sure which tendon, the pain is right around the achilles/whatever tendon runs on the inside and attaches where the achilles attaches as well... orrr something.
Option B: I have a small fracture on the inner-top side of my heel bone.

I explained that I have only a month til my next race and I have to be running within the 2 weeks before that. So we agreed to 1 week off from running with a compression sock thing and icing like a mofo. If it still hurts in a week--- I'm going in for Xrays. :( Let's hope its just a little tweak and will get better within the week!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday and happy early Friday!!!!


  1. What a great way to display your bibs. Sadly, mine are all in a shoe box! I need to get them on a wall somewhere...

    I hope the injury doesn't turn out to be anything serious! Keep up the RICE this week. Good luck!

  2. Love all your bibs on the wall, I have made a scrapbook with them all, but like the idea of seeing them all more! I hope it's not a fracture, and that some RICE will help!! Good luck!

  3. Ouch! I hope that it's something easy peasy to deal with won't interfere too much with your running...

  4. I am sorry about your injury and you will be in my thoughts as you get through it.

    The kinesio tape worked great for me DURING the marathon, but I really think the rest helped a lot for me. I took 5 weeks off from running before I started running again. What the kinesio people told me at the expo is that the tape pulls your skin away from the tendon allowing the blood supply to increase to the area since your achilles area is terrible for getting blood supply. I still have heel pain every once in a while, but I had no achilles pain at all during my run this past weekend. I got a free sample as well and it has a picture of how to tape your achilles, you may get day-to-day relief just by taping it, I wore it the few days leading up to my race. I also found a You Tube video explaining how to do it. Good luck and I feel for you!!! Don't run through pain, it will make it worse.

  5. Hey! I just stumbled onto your blog, but congrats on your awesome goal! How many more you got left? Have you done NY? Anyway, great job!

  6. Very inspiring.. How you work and do all the running is beyond me.

    UGH, I hope that rest and ice helps!!

    did you pick a name for your team?

  7. Love your wall!!!

    I will be praying that your double didn't do ya' in! It will make me think long and hard about registering for that second race.

  8. Here's to hoping that a week off cures your pain. I'm just now coming back after almost two months off, largely because of my own stupidity and pushing myself too much.

  9. Oh no's!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

    I have a lot of my running stuff on my cube walls too! I never thought to pin up my bibs though! Great idea!

  10. Let's hope the week of rest takes care of it. Good luck!

  11. Love the wall! How do you display all of those medals you are collecting?!