Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post Challenge Thoughts and in the News Again!

It's been a little over a week since the Boston Marathon and the completion of the 50-state marathon challenge goal. I know what you're thinking... I said I'd continue my blog and I haven't written in a week. Well don't worry- I'm still blogging I just haven't been running. For some reason the more running I'm doing the more I like to write about running. Unfortunately my ankle was a little wonky after Boston (ok, ok before Boston but whatevs) and I've been resting it. REST?!? Yeah I know. I'm sure the rest of my body needed it too. 

Ankle Update!
What I'm feeling is sort of a REALLY bad bruise or a mild stress fracture of sorts on the inside of my upper ankle. It's its a really weird spot and doesn't actually hurt too much if I run (with good form) but I'm more afraid of making it worse. It's actually feeling much better with the central pain area shrinking down every day. I've been doing a ton of cross training to make up for it... including my 60 minute hill climbs on the stair stepper! 

I've been icing, stretching, and compressing as much as possible. But the real challenge will be this weekend...

Upcoming Race(s) 
This weekend I have BOTH the Nashville Country Music Marathon AND the Flying Pig Marathon here in Cincinnati. Talk about testing out the wonky ankle! But I figure... if I'm going to continue to train for Western States I have to get my mileage back up NOW! If I can't do it now then it's not going to happen. Let's hope ~1.5 weeks of non running training will cure my ankle! 

Post-Race... Crazzzziness
After completing Boston the party really started. The parentals rented out a room of our hotel for a post-50-states-challenge-celebration! It was great to have so many of my family, friends, and running buddies there. After we found 2 nearby bars to continue the festivities! 
I can't forget my favorite spectators! When I lost all my GU at starters village I was a little nervous. Lauren and Kyle found me at mile 4 and I told them I lost my GU so they went to Dick's picked up some, timed where I was going to be, and found me at 14. They're the best spectators EVER.... they're also pretty good friends ;) 

Look who else came! Elizabeth of "50 for Billy." Gotta love the bloggy/maniac buddy support! She came and supported me in Boston (which she is also planning to be her 50th state) and I tricked encouraged her into thinking a double marathon this weekend is a good idea!!! I love my bad influences!!! 

I think I mentioned last week that one of the local news channels had filmed me running and did a little interview prior to Boston. They were supposed to just air it during the live coverage of the pig but it turns out they actually aired it all day Monday! I had no idea but when I got to work a ton of people were telling me they saw me. It definitely spread the word. Here it is!!!...

Check it out when you get a chance!!!!

That's it for now. I'll update ya'll later on the ankle and see if I'm ready for yet another double marathon weekend!!!!

Happy Running,
50 State Marathon Finisher! 


  1. good luck resting that ankle. i love that you're already doing a double marathon after your 50 states are done!

    and BEST spectators ever. i am amazed at their resourcefulness!

  2. Good luck with that ankle, girl!

    I'll watch the news clip tonight from home - no sound at work.

  3. Good luck this weekend!!! I'd love to be a spectator if I lived closer.

  4. very cool video and what an accomplishment! im a friend of elizabeths and am running reach the beach relay with her next month! saw you finish at boston, i was spectating with the redheaded morgan!:-) kick ass at ws100!!! looking foeward to following your training. and good for you getting elizabeth running a double.

  5. Good luck this weekend. I can't believe you're jumping back into running with a double marathon weekend (wait, yes I can!). :)