Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Coach's Corner & Taper... Whaaaa?

T-5 days til Boston! If you're the "tapering type" and not the "addicted to marathon running so I don't believe in tapering" you've already started to decrease mileage. You all know me... I normally think of a cross training day after my 2 long runs as a "taper" for the next weeks marathon. However, I've been good lately. I took a drop down LR last weekend and I've decreased my mileage slightly this week. WHAT? Yep that's right... for the first time since January 2009 Stephanie is doing an (almost) TRUE taper!!! I even said 'no' to a few marathon offers last weekend.

Am I sick? Nooo but I'd like to give my body a little rest before the big 5-0! 50th marathon state! I'm going to have a lot of people at the finish and I don't want to keep them waiting around for me ALL day. :) That and it would  be nice to PR. 
That's my take on this week. What does Coach Bob say? Well this is Coach Bob's last week of Boston advice and he's getting us through a thorough yet productive taper week. Let's listen in....

Well, everyone has trained hard and smart for Boston.  Some are going for a PR while some are going to just enjoy the whole experience.  I wish you all the best of luck!  I will be hard pressed to do much teaching on April 18th as I will be watching my computer screen checking out the splits of many runners all day!  Here are some last minute suggestions for training this week.

1.  Tuesday I would suggest you do a quick 6 miler.  First 2 miles as kind of a warm up, the next 3 as marathon pace and then an easy 1 mile to warm down.
2.  Wednesday I would suggest this.  1.5 miles easy then 4 x 3:00 minutes hard with 2:00 min recover between with 2.5 miles very easy
3.  Thursday I would suggest an easy 6 miles total.  One of those recovery runs to let the legs recover.

From here it depends on your flights or driving times...........

4.  Friday I would suggest an easy 4 miles with two 1 min surges in the middle miles.  The legs still need to feel the pace and be reminded of what marathon pace feels like.
5.  Saturday either off if it is your travel day, or I still always find a way to run.  3-4 easy miles when you arrive will help you sleep as well.
6.  On Sunday, I would still do an easy 3-4 miles just taking in the Charles River if you can.  Your legs and body will be fine.

A couple of last notes: 
~HYDRATE on the plane.........I don't mean alcohol, yet!  You need to keep flushing your system especially while you are flying.  You can be a quart or two low by the time you arrive in Boston.  Keep the fluids going.
~Make sure to lay out all of your running and racing and throw away clothes before you leave for the airport, if flying.
~Check and double check the weather!  You can buy extra clothes when you get there if you forget something, but you will be more comfortable in your own stuff!
~Stay POSITIVE and have a great time!  It is BOSTON!  What else can I say?

~Luck to all!

Coach Bob

Thanks so much Coach Bob for all your help the past few weeks! Good luck to all you Boston runners this week and remember to have fun!

Happy Boston Marathon Week!


  1. Good Luck on the 50th!!! what an amazing accomplishment!!

  2. Kick some butt in the big 5-0!

  3. Yayyyy marathon week!!! You'll be at some meet ups right? I want to finally meet you!

  4. congrats on making it all the way to your 50th!!

  5. You've got this Steph!!!! Almost time to celebrate the big 5-0 Beantown style!!!

  6. Good for you resting up a bit this week. You want to be fresh as a flower for your big show!!!