Friday, April 15, 2011

Boston Marathon... my RUNdown

My usual "RUNdown" gives a summary of the race- course, support, field, updates and news, etc. In this case... I'm not sure there is anything I can tell you about Boston that you don't already know. So I'm going to do a RUNdown of what's going on specifically at Steph's 50 marathon challenge! 

Inspiration Points...
Marathon #59... and STATE #50!!!!
1. 50th State! Folks, this is what we've been working toward for 2+ years!
2. Family Support! ... Almost my entire family is coming in from Albany and we even have our "groupies" (Jodi & Chris) coming all the way from Washington! Also, this will be the FIRST marathon my brother, Nick, has ever seen me run... maybe we can inspire him to take up running!
3. Friends/Bloggie Love! I have a bunch of friends coming to support me (including Lauren who is flying out with me from Cinci). There will also be a bunch of bloggie-runners with various events set for the weekend! This is the first time I've seen the amazing and wonderful Mel (aka Tall Mom) since Seattle last year. Good luck lady!!!

Celebrate Good Times C'mon!
This week has been full of events in preparation and in celebration of my 50th state marathons. 
1. Girls Night Carbo Load... I have great friends that are so supportive of my crazy running. They don't even complain (much) when I miss so many fun weekend night of debauchery! We went out for a little early carbo load the other night and they surprised me with an amazing basket of "50 State Marathon" themed cookie lollipops and a bottle of champagne. Surprisingly both are still intact! Thank you SO much Diana, Camm, and Kelsey!!! <3 <3 <3

2. In the News!... Yesterday I had two news channels doing stories on me. The first was in my hometown (Albany). I'm obviously not there so Fox News did a little slide show of pics they pulled from my blog and narrated my 50-state quest. The fun part? They even got my bloggie buddy Suzy (Running on My Time) in on the action. The first slide is a picture of the 2 of us at the 2010 HMRRC winter marathon where I made my first ever BQ!

While this story was airing in Albany, I was in front of my apartment in Cincinnati with News Channel 5 causing quite the commotion (I would find out later via messages from friends driving by). The Cincinnati local station is doing a quick story on me that will air during their live coverage of the Flying Pig Marathon at the end of the month. 

3. Race... Prep? ... If you don't already follow the ever crazy Elizabeth on "50 for Billy" you should go check it out. She's on her own 50 in 50 quest and it's to honor her father Billy who passed away suddenly in 2006. She's raising money for The Center for Grieving Children and has a spirit and enthusiasm that is contagious. As a local Boston chick she is "prepping" for my Boston run in her own way... Jello Shots and Blow Horns!!! She is going to be at Heart Break Hill waiting for me with these very important items. Don't believe her? Yeah she's already posted pictures of both on facebook! The great part? I often forget... I've NEVER met Elizabeth, however through blogging and the maniac/facebook community she's become a great friend and I'm looking forward to our many marathons coming up together including the Flying Pig and the Great Cranberry Ultra. 

Prepping for Boston!
1. Running Diva! I picked out a patriotic themed outfit with red shorts or "hot pants," a Blue tank that I'm putting white stars on and "My 50th State" as well as blue arm warmers with white stars. Oh and don't forget my american flag head boppers I wore at the D.C./Bataan double! Mojo Running of West Chester, OH (my Tues running group) was SO nice to get me Brooks podium boy shorts and get them screen printed with "MOJO!" 
Be impressed... I took this pic myself and I have SHORT arms!!!
Besides my red/white/blue theme I got a fun present in the mail yesterday. Endorphin Dude (I'm sure you've seen him) made me an official "Endorphin Dudette" and sent me a sweat band to rep the Endorphin dudettes while running Boston!
Also- I'm wearing my "Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston" shirt to rep the Boston Marathon before my interview. My Aunt Terri sent it to me for my Bday. I'm ready to go!!!

2. Ice Baby Ice!!! If you haven't been following I've had some shin splint issues for the first time since... well... ever! Most of it has gone away but the lower ankle feels like its either still hurting from that or just some mild tendinitis. I've been making dixie ice cups and taking lots of ibuprophen to help bring the swelling down. I don't think it will bother me for Boston but I have to be careful with WS100 coming up!!! 

Meet Up Info!!!
There are FAR too many but here are some of the big ones. If you're going or want to go and need more info LET ME KNOW!!!
-Zumba with Julie @ Curves for Women in Needham, MA
-Expo: noonish-2
-Bloggy Pre-Party meet-up 2-4pm
-Boston Beer Summit 5-9pm

-B.A.A. 5k & Bloggy Meet-up (not running) at the Library/port-a-potties at 7:30
-Bloggy Brunch at 10am. 
-11:30: Maniac Picture at Boston Finish line
-Expo Part 2 (bringing the fam)
-Family & Friend Pre-Race Dinner!!!

Monday: RACE DAY!!!
-Bus pick-up. I'm suggested to be there at 6:30-7.
-Runners Village... I'm in Wave 2, Corral 1! I'll have my phone so we can schedule some sort of meet-up!

AM: I MAY be running (most likely) early am if anybody at all wants to join. This will be an EASY jog for 10-18 miles depending on how the ankle is feeling. 

Ok, I'm packed and ready to go!!! See you in Boston! 



  1. THIS IS IT!!!! Awesome support from the family & friends - love it. And you're FAMOUS! And nice booty!! Hope the shin cooperates. HAVE FUN and booze it up! [after - mostly]

  2. Good Luck!!! that is some amazing organizations skills in action right there!! Have a blast!!

  3. I can't believe it's here!! I am seriously tearing up with excitement for you. I wish I could be one of the many there cheering you on. What a journey!

    I will be trying to follow you on line Monday and sending you the best possible running vibes I can!

    Good Luck Girl! Go kick Boston's ass!

  4. Good luck Stephanie! Your blog has been a lot of fun to read the last couple of months, your running is amazing! Have fun in Boston, and perhaps I will see you Monday morning at Boston Common... I am one of the bus loading volunteers!

  5. Good luck and have fun!! You are going to ROCK Boston!

  6. SO EXCITING!!! I'll see you at the meet up on Saturday!

  7. Good luck! I'm sure it's going to be an amazing weekend.

  8. We will look for you on monday near heartbreak hill!

  9. Have a great 50th state marathon! Thanks for sending the link to the video. It was fun to watch.

  10. Have a great time. It's such a fantastic experience. Breathe it all in.

  11. I hope your 50th state is your best yet! I can't wait to read the recap.

  12. Good Luck! what a great accomplishment to finish. you rock!!

  13. Best of luck on Monday, Stephanie! I'm also doing the 50 state challenge and I've had the pleasure of following you for the last year or so! Go get 'em!!!

  14. Congratulations on coming to the end of a great journey! Crossing the finish line will be more than exhilarating I'm sure. Why not throw down the final gauntlet with a PR! Best of Luck and Congrats again!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It was so great to meet you Steph!! You are a riot and a class act!! Congrats on the big 5-0!! See you in less than two weeks!

  16. Those trips are the one that I like because you can go a trip to Boston, drink and eat a piece of eat before the race.