Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Me Into a Marathon & Other non-running stuff

First, the "Other" non-running stuff... (ok a little running in here)

I usually just talk about my marathoning-craziness on here, but I assure you there are PLENTY of other things in my life that I do, like... Visit the Dentist!!! And let me tell you, I've spent more time doing that lately than running! I'm having major issues with cavities lately and it's not pretty. I also need a major root canal, but when I went the other day, they were unable to numb the ONE tooth that needs the root canal. Apparently it's infected and that can cause issues with novocain. I'm no scientisty-type-person, but after 3 syringes of novocain and my inability to feel anything ELSE in my mouth, you would think the tooth could be numb!

Well I went to Dr... let's call him Herbie (if you don't get that, you seriously need some Christmas spirit) for the first time and when he saw my teeth he was VERY upset. In fact, he was so upset he made me sit through a 45 minute oral hygiene demonstration! Then we went through a list of rules for taking care of your teeth. My teeth LOOK fine from the outside, but apparently I'm doing something wrong! It was embarrassing, but I'm just glad there wasn't a video with dancing teeth and toothbrushes.

(warning: here's where the running comes in...)
Anyways, I told Dr. Herbs about my running and the GU I tend to gnaw on for 3.5-4.5 hours at a time. He looked a little grossed out (see last post) but he was more shocked by the affects it could have on my teeth. Now I'm not completely blaming the GU, but apparently it's not great for your teeth to have some sort of sugary paste in your mouth for hours at a time-- go figure!

Will I stop using GU? Absolutely not! But there are some measure you can take for keeping your teefers safer:
1) Take GU with water (yeahh, I don't always do that) and swish and spit after you GU yourself up
2) Since your backwash saliva will carry GU and continue to leak into you mouth, it may be good to continue this rinsing process every time you get water-- this really won't take any time. You already drink water, you just have to add a little mouth swish in, and you're golden.
3) Post-Marathon (long run) brush your teeth, but wait at least 20 min after your last GU/Sugary Substance/Soda... apparently they have little particles on them and when you brush you actually do something like rub them in-- IDK, I just know it's not bad for you! So bring a travel brush and paste to the race and leave it in your race bag.

Get Me Into a Marathon!
My MN marathon is sort of annoying me. I've always wanted to make the Zoom Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon, my MN race. Why you ask? Cause it's awesome. You run indoors around a small track (that's not the awesome part, I'm getting to it), INSIDE (MN is COLD so I want to be inside), and you get to be part of only 40 participants (you're very cool), and you get a personal counter/cheerer-oner for the entire race!

"Problem?" You ask? They only allow 40 people into their race and it's done by lottery. Second problem? They don't announce the winners until Sept 1st and by then it MAY be too late to be in another MN race because 1) They may sell out and 2) The flights will be so expensive by then. My remaining options would be:
A) Superior Trail or Walker/North Country Races in September--- they're already $400+ if I buy the plane ticket now, if I wait til a week or 2 before, they'll be ridic expensive!
B) Twin Cities Marathon in October- It MAY close out by then and besides that, I have Omaha the week before, and THREE marathons right after-- so it would be good to keep this weekend free to relax.

What to do... what to do? Well the sensible thing would be to sign up and book a flight for another marathon and forget about that one. Orrrrrrr I can petition for my case! When I send my entry stuff in, I'm going to attach a list of reasons why I should be allowed to participate. This is where I need your help! Help me come up with a list of kick-butt reasons why I should be able to run Zoom Yah Yah. You'll know my running better than most, so I'm hoping you have some ideas, this is what I have to start:

1) OH Participation: On their FAQ list, they have noted they want to represent most states... I could be their Ohio!!! Or NY (I'm originally from there) if they want that instead! Shoot-- I'll move somewhere temporarily if they need.
2) Be part of Steph's craziness- I'll run about 45 marathons between April 2009 and April 2011-- ridiculous? Yes! But worth it! They can be my MN race on the way to 45!
3) I'll be the mascot! I'll run dressed as something, anything! St. Olaf College puts on the race and their mascot is (I believe) a Lion? I'll dress up as a Lion!!! I'll do it, I will!
4) Free Advertising! See? It's working already... I bet half of you didn't even know about this race until right now!

Ok people, what else? Help me think of reasons to send to them of why I should be part of their race... Any suggestion is a helpful suggestion!


  1. Sorry about your teeth. I thought I was the reigning queen of crowns but it sounds like I may have competition.
    They need to give you auto entry because you're giving them great PR and you are awesome!

  2. Twin Cities is notorious for selling out. But... it is absolutely beautiful. Worth more than a personal lap counter? Probably.

  3. Bummer about "running" being bad for your teeth! Who knew?

    Ideas? You could send along a "petition." Is the race sponsored by a big company? If it is you could do something related to their industry. Does it benefit a school or organization? You could volunteer time there before or after the race.

    I hope you get in.

  4. Yeah, Ultrarunners are known for tooth decay for this exact reason, due to gels and sports drinks. Bummer!

  5. i want to do zoom yah yah so bad too! i definitely say take the chance and go for it...with your history they should totally let you in! good luck!

  6. First off, awesome blog. I love your articles. I never even thought of that stuff being bad for your teeth, how funny! I notice you are going to be in my home town's marathon, Omaha. I wish I could run it too, but I am doing the Air Force Marathon the week before. I am not quite up to back to back races yet. If you get a chance, check out my running blog, 18 to Dayton. I would love to get some tips/advice from you. Keep it up!

  7. Try to snag a last minute fare sale and come do Minneapolis with me this weekend!!! :)

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog after reading this post:

    Weird - Laura, are you the girl they talk about in the article? If so, congrats on the record!