Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delaware Marathon ~ Race Ratings (DE #31)

Tagline: "A Race for the RUNNERS!!!"

2010 Delaware Marathon ~ May 16, 2010
Wilmington, DE ~ Tubman Garrett Riverfront Park
Year Running: 7th!
Registration Fee: $85 with $10 Discount for 50-Staters. (Late reg is $100-- marathon sold out first)
Runners:  557 Completed,  212 Females
Available Races: Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay
Average Finish Time: 4:21:21!!
BQ %: 16.88% (one of the best BQ%'s % Avg. Times I've seen this year!)

Overall Race Ratings: 4.8/5.0

Average Calculated Rating: 4.6/5.0
~ This is a race designed around runners needs before, during, and after a marathon. The director has thought of just about everything. The nice little touches would make this a GREAT first time marathon for anybody. I was very surprised with my great experience in Delaware. The organization and provisions for the runner, far outweigh any of the 1-2 downsides (medals and GU).

Race Director: Let's play race director...
~ This director has thought of just about everything. The ONE issue I have are the medals... they just were so small, boring and had the look of being unfinished. My #1 priority for next year would be working on making these a little nicer. Also, 1 GU stop on the course isn't enough... maybe put the GU stop at a place where we cross the course twice. I know they only used what was leftover after they gave them out in our goodie bags, but I personally would rather have them on the course than have to pack-muel myself with GU.

Event Organization: 5.0/5.0 (now broken into 2 parts, see below as well) As far as "event organization" we'll go ahead and include things like Host hotel, website use, ease of travel to the event and to the actual race, etc.
Distance from Airport to Expo/Race: ~20 Minutes (Philadelphia Airport)
Rental Car Required: Yes
~ This race isn’t too bad to get to. If you’re flying you’ll have to go through Philly, which is cheaper and has lots of flight options. It’s about 20 minutes away. We were fully briefed on anything and everything to expect through the website, pre-race booklets, and emails. The expo/packet pickup is held outside at a really great area along the river. There are lots of restaurants to relax at and enjoy over the weekend. There aren’t a whole lot of hotels near the start, but it’s also not a huge city with overly expensive hotels so that’s a plus! The race is also held in conjunction with some sort of music festival they hold outdoors. If you’re into that kind of thing, get tickets and plan it into your weekend.

Also, their website keeps up to the day stats of whos in the race, the # of states they have completed, etc. They also keep a record of the best times by state as an extra incentive to run FAST!

Race Organization: 4.8/5.0
Hydration Color/Type: Orange Gatorade, Water
Gel Type/Flavors:  GU (various flavors) at 1 stop
~ The race organization was fantastic as well. All miles were marked, and done pretty well. There were tons of water (17+) and port-a-john stops. They provided GU along the course at 1 spot (kind of wish there were 2 or the 1 spot was on the looped part of the course). The volunteers were very knowledgeable throughout.
~Post Race Food: Marathon food junkie heaven. Pizza & Ice cream sandwiches!!! As well as sandwiches, fruit, pretzels, beer, etc.

Course: 4.9/5.0
~MarathonGuide Rating (not included since this is a new course)
Garmin Distance: 26.2
~ FAST, scenic and fun! The marathon course is new for 2010 and I thought it was fantastic and FAST. It’s full of winding, rolling hills and very little flat. It’s very scenic and extremely fast. When we came though the first loop, I had a look at what the ending would be… the last 3 miles were going to have 1 good-sized hill, but primarily a SHOT down to the finish. Coming off those down hills, we had some flat area to start the second loop, followed by a tricky area of back to back hills, but once we were through there I knew the last 3 were solid.

Spectators: 4.3/5.0
~ Spectators were scattered throughout the course and were very excited to be there! They all made a special point to cheer extra loud for the marathoners when we went by and not just wait for their friends in the relays. Since we loop past the finish once and there is a relay exchange point there, it was a great place for spectators. You’re coming down from a huge hill, hitting the half way mark and there are tons of people yelling—I personally was doing a 6:30 pace through there until I caught myself and slowed down.
Pace Group: /5.0
~ N/A

Runner/Corrals: 4.9/5.0
~ No Corrals. I found the runners SO nice in this race! Everybody chatted and was encouraging. There were lots of part that we crossed our own course or the courses of the other 2 race and everybody yelled good job at each other. Since there are so few DE marathons and this started because of the 50-staters, there were lots of 50-staters and Marathon Maniacs there too. I was back and forth with a few women on the course and one told me to get moving when I slowed down a bit… actually she said “you’re kicking my ass, come on!” There was another women that asked me how old I was when I came up on her. When I told her 25 she told me that I was not in her A/G and to go on ahead! Hehe. I’m afraid to ask what she would have done, had I been in her age group… hmmm.

Expo: 4.4/5.0
~ Small expo (for a small race), but they have an awesome selection of DE Marathon gear to purchase, including the “Class of 20XX” T-shirts with all the marathoners listed. You can get any of your pre-race goodies as well. The expo is held outside under tents on the banks of the river. It really pretty and there are lots of close restaurant option to check out in the immediate area.

Swag: 3.9/5.0
~T-Shirts: They gave a fited V-neck tech T that I LOVE. It’s white with the marathon emblem on the front. I’m really enjoying the new cuts they’re doing with womens tech Ts lately. 4.6
~Medals: I’m not a huge fan of the medal. It has a circle with a cutout of DE in the middle and very very plain and thin. It almost looks unfinished. This is probably the one big thing I have against the race—which, for some people that love their medals, this is a pretty good point against the race 2.9
~ Goodie Bag: We were also given a cool drink glass with our packets and a sticker with the marathon on it. They also gave out some “Jack Man” products like lip balm and facial cream.Oh and 2 packs of GU +.1 to .2

*Division place 5/29-- how do you BQ by THAT much and sitll only get 5th?? I HATE my new A/G! :(

Also... This race keeps track of the best times by STATE male and female. Unofficially, I've made the new record for OH females... and by about 10 minutes! Woohooo


  1. Sounds like an awesome race to run. Possibly one for me to consider next year. Congrats on yet another Marathon finish (and BQ at that!) and your continued quest to complete your 50 state marathon challenge!

  2. great job! must feel so good to check those states off!!!