Thursday, May 20, 2010

2010 Goals Re-Visited!

In January I set some goals to keep in mind throughout this tough marathon year. I've made some progress on some... and a little less progress on others. Since this blog is all about keeping myself honest, we'll discuss each one and you guys can then grade, judge, curse out, verbally B****slap and otherwise ridicule me into doing a better job. Let's dust off the old goals list...

1) Get and STAY healthy~ Last update, my ankle was feeling better and is now at near 100%. The Nike Frees and vibrams have made a HUGE difference in my muscular health. However, I'm also a hound for colds-- I sniff em out and catch them usually once a month. This ESPECIALLY goes for when I'm running a lot and let myself get tired. Well I started getting into the habit of drinking pomegranate vitamin water before and after races, and it's REALLY helped  with my immune system. Self Grade: A!

2) 24 marathons this year! 10 so far this year, with 2 more left scheduled for May, which will put me well above avg for 24! I think I get extra points because 1 of my races (Myrtle Beach) was cancelled and I'm still keeping up! Self Grade: A freaking +!

3) Get down to 120lbs. Last update I was at 126.5, and now I'm at 125. Notttt too much progress there. Ummmm but I'm feeling leaner-- oooh and I currently have $100 on the line for a "who has better abs" contest with Kyle. He's way ahead of me, so I'm going to have to work on that! Self Grade: C

4) Complete my Alaskan Marathon! ~ All signed up and plane booked Alaska-bound for August of this year! Self Grade: B+... I'll get an A when I do it!

5) 2010 miles for 2010! This goal requires ~168 Miles/Month. With my injury in Jan and a bit of a cold in Feb, I was slacking, but I've picked back up the mileage and I hope to make up some of the lost miles. Total miles today: 686. Self Grade: B- at best

6) Learn to run on a treadmill! I've successfully completed some longer runs in winter, I've moved my summer speedwork to the T-mill and I've recently started some hill work on here. Self Goal: A!

7) Meet some of my bloggy friends at races. I've made very little progress here, but hopefully RNR Seattle will put me back on track!! PS. Check the schedule at the top-- if you're up for a race TELL ME! Self Grade: D-!

8) Boston Time in 2010? So my last update, this was a serious "Fail"-- and now look! I've made Boston TWICE!!! *booty dance, booty dance* Self Grade: A+, a Z-snap and a Hallelujah!
My Extra Goal 150 followers. Let's check the 'ole count...

138 Magical followers! Awwww shucks guys, thanks! I would call that progress from 77 in 2009!

Not looking too bad, all around. I would give myself a B+ for effort overall. Definitely have to ramp up my mileage a little more and get back on track to weight loss-- I'm sorry, but the post-marathon food is just so GOOD!!!

That's all for today!
Happy Running


  1. I think you should at least get a D+ or a C- on #7 because we met...albeit the Winter Marathon in Albany. I'm just bummed I didn't get a photo.

    Congrats on the rest of your goals.

  2. You are doing great, Sister! I can't wait to meet you and hear all kinds of stories. Your commitment to the sport is inspiring!

  3. Great job on EVERYTHING!!! I think you are doing awesome!

  4. YOu will meet lots and lots of Bloggy buddies at the carbo night. WOOT!! congrats on your goals!

  5. not doing too bad are you kidding, you are having an amazing year, way to go!! can't wait for seattle