Monday, November 2, 2009

Dueling Marathon Goals... Can they Both Win?

Dueling Goals...
I have 1 marathon and 1 ultra coming up over the next 2 weeks. When I know I'm running a few back to back marathons I usually don't mind, however this one gets a little tricky.

Marathon #1: OBX Marathon in NC ~ 11/8/09
~Goal: 3:40 time goal~ Run hard, leave nothing out there, get CB her BDay wish!

Marathon #2: RI 6-Hour Ultra ~ 11/15/09
~Goal: 36 mile distance goal, back-up goal: 27 Miles (2.7 Mile loop, so 27 is the least amount I can do and still complete a marathon distance)

Normally, I would have no problem covering the 2nd marathon distance goal, but if I run really hard the week before, I can definitely feel it the weekend after.

Marathon Prep:
~ Speed Work: 1 Last speedwork session tonight then continue with the taper! I did 8 (3 Min) Yassos early last week and it left me with very little discomfort after. If I do 9, I'll have the footwork in for the full this weekend, and not loose any fitness for next weeks ultra!
~ 2 X 3: Twice this week I'll run about 3 miles at a mild pace. Keep up the intensity but keep up with the taper.
~ STRETCHING! We all know about my leg cramps and ridiculous measures I took to get rid of the leg cramps last time. Including:
... Bottles of Pickle Juics
... Coconut water
... Drinking packets of mustard
After NH (the night before ME) on my double I found that stretching a LOT right after NH helped to make ME a much easier race. HuH! Stretching helps to run... who would have thought?!?!?! haha

Well this will be a tough couple of weeks, but the good news is I'm taking off the month of December! 3 more races for 2009 then we jump right into a double for January 2010. MS & AL!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK!! I'll be just down the road from you this weekend, in Wilmington NC!

  2. Good luck this weekend. My calves are killing me right now so your past post gave me some ideas for future runs. Now to stretch and roll them out.

  3. I am having a marathon fever. I am searching for a marathon. I did check to see how far it is for me to drive from NJ to Outer Bank. Close to 8 hours... too long! I wish I have my own learjet.

    Good Luck !!!