Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mega Marathoners hit the Wall Street Journal

I wouldn't blame you if you haven't been reading the WSJ lately to find your marathon news, but you may have some catching up to do this week! If you remember, after the OBX marathon I included a note about meeting an (almost) 6-time finisher of the 50 states in my  Post-Race Thoughts. Well the article I mentioned has finally been published. For full article click here.

I had the opportunity to meet Eugene when we hoped on the bus to bring us to the start line. At 73 years old he is finishing up his 6th time through the 50 states!!! He was able to suggest a few marathons (he would know) and also mentioned that he estimated a full around through the 50 states costs approx. $25k! Yikes.

Article Highlights... and why I'm perfectly normal!
Well the article had a few key items that I would like to highlight-- slash use to explain why I'm NOT as crazy as I seem! Hehe
~ 'Scientists have studied compulsive running, not only in humans but in rats and mice. Some compare it to eating disorders like anorexia nervosa.' - This definitely explains why I've started running 2-3 marathons per month and if I run any less I get a little itchy. So when I say I'm taking December off and don't think I'll be capable of doing it-- it's not that I'm crazy, it's a disease with no prescription!

~'...runners enter addiction territory only when they can't control their urge to race. "If running marathons is at the top of your list of values above all else," says Dr. Sachs, "that might be something to worry about.' - HA! See?? I'm ok. I most DEFINITELY put eating above running! Put a big piece of cake and a marathon in front of me and I'll most definitely pick the cake!

~'One tally of mega marathoners, compiled by Japan's 100 Marathon Club, counts 167 runners world-wide who have logged at least 300' - Haven't done that... yet

Definitely read the article. It's nice to see running and marathoning hitting the racks on some pretty important papers. Its also nice to see the Drs interviewed for the article NOT saying how bad it is to be a mega-marathoner! I've heard a number of people tell me "wow it HAS to be bad for you to run 20 marathons a year." Yeah well... it's also pretty bad for you to drink and eat whatever you want and NOT workout. That's my take.


  1. Great article, thanks for sharing! I'm totally cracking up at you!

    "it's not that I'm crazy, it's a disease with no presecription!"

  2. Great article.

    There is a prescription...the cure is...running!!

    I don't think you are crazy. I think you are what I wish my 20s had been!!!