Friday, November 13, 2009

RI- 6 Hour Ultra... Race RUNdown

Rhode Island 6-Hour Ultra, Warwick, RI
The state people ask me about the most when they find out about my quest for 50 is RI. They always say...
 "well what are you going to do with RI??? Run the perimeter several times??"
To that I would roll my eys and say "NO!!!" Well apparently I was wrong... the marathon I've chosen for RI is, in fact, a 2.7 M loop, played on repeat!

The race: This is a very different race from what I've been used to this year. Instead of trying to simply finish 26.2 miles in a race, we'll be given 6 hours to complete as many laps on a 2.7M course as possible.

The Rules:
~The course itself is 2.7 miles and only FULL loops count...
~However, there is also a 0.9m for "add on loops" as well as an additional 1.86M and 1.28/.29 markers to score a marathon, or one of the two classic ultras (50K and 50Miles).
~The goal, of course, is to get 9 full loops, plus the 1.86 minimum to reach the marathon distance, BUT you cannot get a medal in this race unless you complete an ultra (anything over a 26.2 marathon distance) so you MUST complete at least 10 full laps for your medal!

The Strategy:
I'll have to catch at least 26.2 miles, but of course I'm hoping to do more. Since I love counting my marathon maniac spinny stars, I thought I would do my own RI-6Hour version here. I'm giving myself a medal based on the number of miles I get in...
Laps           Miles                Medal
9+              26.2                  Bronze
10              27                     Bronze* (*qualify for a medal)
11+            30.99M (50K)  Silver*
13 + .9M    36M                 Gold*
More???                             Gold* AND a cookie!!!

Race RUNdown...
RI 6 Hour Ultra
Registration Fees: $40 early reg ($50-$60 late)
When: Sunday November 15, 2009
Where: Warwick, RI
Year Running: 1
2009 Expected Field: DNA


Currently it looks like its going to rain for the next 3 days, and around 3am on Sun morning clear up just in time for the race. Since I will be draining myself with so many miles, I'm really hoping not to add rain into the mix... 30 Miles + Rain = 1 sick girl! Lets all hope the rain DOES stop by Sunday, leaving us with a cool 50 degrees to run in!

The primary course is a 2.7 mile loop described on the website as a...
"Wooded, paved, slightly rolling 2.7 mile main loop, 0.9 mile add-on loop." -RI6Hour.Com
 The pictures below are from the website, and it looks like there is a little bit of elevation change on oh, so slightly rolling hills. We simply follow the white line for loop upon loop upon loop... this may have potential to drive me crazy.

There is also the .9M add on loop that I'm assuming is the same type of path. Along the course there are markers for the extra distance to complete a marathon, 50K or 50 Miler.

Race 411:
~ This is the inaguarl running of the RI-6Hour, however the race director is not unfamiliar with marathons or ultras. Word of mouth says Bob Jackman runs a number of races in RI! He has already shown to be a fairly dependable director-- personally sending confirmation emails for both mail in and online registrations as well as sending out an email with tons of details on the event and race.
~The T-Shirt: Is a long sleeve Tech T!!! LOVE those!!!!
~Medals go out to only ultra finishers (<26.2 miles)!!! Although there is a relay going on, this is a clear way to making the distinction between the races!


  1. Good luck. I would love to do this race next year, I love local races. According the news, our weather up here will be looking good on Sunday.

  2. Girl you are just crazy and I love it! Can't wait for the race report!

  3. Good luck! I would feel too much like a hamster to even attempt it. IT sounds interesting though! And at least that pesky state is over with.

  4. WOW! what kind of cookie?? Good luck, hope the rain holds out! Can't wait to read about it!

  5. The same 2.7 mile loop over and over...hmmmm..sound slike a test in Mental Health.


  6. I hope it went well! I think I'd go NUTS running the loops. You're a brave woman running a first time race with loops. Can't wait to read about it.