Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WS Training Week~ Week 16

Wow, seriously? 16 weeks already? Well isn't that a trip. I guess it would be more prudent to start the countDOWN to Western States. I haven't been because... well... it scares me. Ready or not it's coming up in...
*13 Weeks!*

Is anybody else fearful for my life besides me? Anybody? Anybody? Ok good well at least somebody has faith in me!

This weekend I jumped pretty hard back into WS training with some serious workouts. Every run had a purpose and a challenge. 
SP- I had 2 (technically 3) speed days this week. The first was Tuesday with shorts track speed work with the Mojo Team trying to stick to my 6:00/mile pace. Thursday I included 5 mile repeats in my 8 mile run (6:25-6:45 pace). I also consider some of my miles in the marathons "speed work" because they broke 7:20 pace. Why so much speed lately? I'm going to try and get one more fast marathon before I delve 100% into endurance/ultra training... at Boston!!!
LR-My long runs exceeded the required 43 total miles of running but that's because of the Patriotic Double I was taking part in. After missing a week of training I felt good to get back in it. 
H- I'm getting in as much hill work as possible. I'm continuing to UP the resistance on the stair step for my 1-hour XT and boy are my legs starting to show it! Quadzilla!!! Not to mention ALL of my runs this week were on hilly courses... even my 8 miler with mile repeats. And let's not forget about Bataan where we climb mountains mid way through the race! 

This Week: I had a couple of tough races (esp Bataan) after a pretty intense week of training so my legs were dragging a little last night. It's cool though, I feel much better today and ready to take on the Martian Marathon this weekend!

*I will be posting Coach's Corner as soon as I get it from Bob!*

Happy Running,


  1. Your training is going great, well done! I can imagine the excitement (stress/fear) that go with it. Keep it going!

  2. you're such a bad ass! bummed that I missed you in DC but hope I'll catch you in Boston to celebrate your LAST STATE!