Monday, March 28, 2011

D.C. & Bataan Patriotic Double Marathon Weekend ~ Part 1

Our cross-country double marathon challenge is complete and pretty darned successful! This is going to be a couple of posts long so I'm summing it up...

How'd it Go?
(Spoiler Alert... please proceed below the next section if you don't want to know how the movie ends!)
The first marathon was the National Marathon in D.C. It went off as predicted with a 3:42 finish. I felt like I hadn't pushed hard but I wasn't running slow enough to be on my feet unnecessarily. The best part? I actually forgot my headphones in the hotel which ended up being good. I looked around and enjoyed the site, got a few pictures, and chatted with the other runners, spectators, puppies... anybody that would talk to me pretty much. 

At Bataan we faced some SERIOUS wind. It was especially hard because we were downwind on the big climbs. I felt good on the flat and down (esp when we weren't facing the wind directly) and was pulling 7:20's but on the climbs against the gusts I felt like I needed to put lead in my pockets to keep from blowing away. I ended up taking 2nd place just a few minutes behind 1st. 4:01 on a course like this on the 2nd day of a double... I'd say I'm proud!

D.C. Day 1
I've already gone through Day 1 but I just wanted to post these picture. I had a great time in D.C. and (as you can see) didn't rest a whole lot for the race... but sometimes we just have to enjoy these races and see the sites instead of going all out at every state. I find wine helps the "enjoyment factor." The expo was pretty blase. Nothing special there esp compared to Marine Corp. I expected more. 
National Marathon Expo
Site Seeing!
Beating up MB! (she got mouthy) Don't worry she wasn't hurt!
D.C. Race Day
Getting to start was not easy. There is free parking and the metro schedule isn't great for the am so most people seemed to be driving. We ended up getting out of the car and running the last half mile. No we weren't late for the start... but we were late for the maniac picture (Important things here people!). Luckily they let us stay inside the armory until the start. It was cold without the sun but as soon as it popped up it was perfect running weather. Since this was our "Patriotic Double" I broke out the star and stripe boppers I purchased for my 50th state and wore them in both races. 
Maniacs before the race!
Dave, Steve and myself (and my miss america pose apparently)
The Course & Support
During the race I focused on keeping a steady easy (but not too slow) pace. The course was good (not great) as it wound us through some of the site. I had hoped it would bring us out to the White House, but it did not. It also repeated itself and we basically just hung around the Capital Building-- which allowed for picture of it from any angle you want. This course is full of small rolling hills throughout. No spot was overly flat but there also weren't any huge climbs.

The aid stations were pretty good but they didn't have GU stops everywhere they had indicated (major fail!). The support was good... some spots there was a LOT of support so that was fun. The metro allowed for people to jump from spot to spot if they wanted to cheer us on along the way. 

The Finish!
If you didn't read the *spoiler alert* above I ran a 3:42-- the faster end of the range I was hoping for but I felt really good. I think it was the perfect pace for me not to tire myself out with either going too fast or being out too long. 

I rushed a shower in, went back to the finish to collect Dave then we were off to NM. Dinner came in the form on in-flight food. This is how we eat on double marathon weekends... on the GO! The perk? Dave got me pulled up to first class! And hey! I could carbo load in flight!!!!

Next Post... Day 2 in New Mexico and the Bataan Death March!!! *D.C. full race ratings coming soon!*

Happy Running,


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! Killer performance out there this weekend. Are you sure you are human??

    Looks like a fun time. I wish we could hang out all the time!!

  2. I totally missed you at the Maniac pic!!! Hope to see you at a race soon. I'm still thinking about going back and doing Minneapolis again for the nostalgia...

  3. And congrats on an awesome weekend :)

  4. Insane! Way to roll from DC to New Mexico for back to backs. Good luck in Boston this year and let us know how it goes.. check in on FB.

    Gotta Run,

  5. I wound up only running the half. I found it the entire experience to be disorganized. And I felt the course was a lot hillier than anticipated.