Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coach's Corner... Last week of Training and Some Suggested Reading!

Coach Bob is on his Spring Break but managed to roll out of bed at almost 11 to send out his tips for the week. We're fast approaching Boston so Bob was kind enough to give us tips for this last hard training week before we begin TAPERING! Thanks Coach Bob!!!
19 DAYS!  Wow!  Doesn't seem possible.  You are only 19 DAYS from competing at the Boston Marathon. I expect the excitement is building for each of you.  I am excited for all of you as well.  I was pondering some subjects and thoughts for this week, and two things came to mind:  (1)  your last hard workouts, and (2)  my favorite books to help keep you motivated.

Tips for training this week:
1.  [Long Run]   Most of you probably have done your last longest run by now.  Usually it is done 21 days out.  So, since the long run is done, you just need to recovery from the long run and still maintain your fitness.  This week is usually before you start your real taper.  The biggest thing to help your long run is eating well/properly and plenty of hydration.  Your long run this coming weekend should only be about 12-16 miles at a controlled pace.  Again, that will be the start of your taper period.

2.  [Speed Work]  If you are doing any type of speedwork this week, continue to do your normal workout.  I great workout is to do 6 x 800 at 5k pace.  Another workout 4 x 1 mile at 10k pace.  Make sure to warm up and cool down well.

3.  [Tempo Run]  If you have one scheduled, do this at your marathon goal pace for about 5 - 7 miles.  Make sure to warm up and cool down well.
4.  [Recovery Runs]  When you are running easy, run easy!  Enjoy the run.  Feel good about what you have accomplished. 

5.  [Non Running Hours]  Sleep and eat and drink well.  Stay relaxed and enjoy the last few days.

Readings on Running:
"Long Road to Boston"
"Dual in the Sun"
"Again to Carthage"
"Once a Runner"
"A Walk in the Woods"

These are 5 of my favorites.  There are many others, but I will read these when I need some motivation. 

~Coach Fritz

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