Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dallas Post-Race Thoughts, Coming Up Next, and RazzyRoo!

Ok kids, lot's to discuss in today's class...

My Last Marathon!
... of 2010! This was my 27th marathon this year and my last until Zoom Yah! Yah! in January. Last weekend was the Dallas White Rock Marathon in Dallas, TX. It was my first time to Dallas so I didn't expect the COLD weather at all! When you think TX, you think heat and cactus, right? I think so! This race definitely started out in the chilly 30's and did not heat up very much by the end. 

This is a pretty flat course with just a few places of small graded hills. I didn't mind the break from some of the mountainous marathons I've had this year, but some of the locals, I noticed, were struggling a little on the "hill" sections. The houses in Dallas that they brought us past were absolutely gorgeous. I seriously thought about proposition the men to marry me so I could stay :) 

The support along this course is pretty great. First, the spectators are awesome and line the whole course. I've never seen SO many beer/alcohol tables along a course, nor SO many drunk people at 10am!!! Also... I must not have eaten enough that week or morning because I was STARVING by mile 16. Luckily this is around the time they start putting a LOT of food out. First there was an aid station that they gave chocolate out at. After that there was a ton of fruit at a table. And when that wasn't enough... the next aid station had munchkin donuts!!! 

I hadn't really thought about how I wanted to run the race. I wasn't ready to but out a PR and and wasn't in the best mood for running so I wanted to get it over with... I found a place in between with a 3:37 finish... and my 8th BQ of the year!!! If you factor out the ultras I ran in 2010, that leaves 24 "normal" marathons (including 2 trails)... I made BQ times on a third of my marathons. Woohoo :)

After the marathon MB and I went to visit the Dallas Cowboys stadium!!! Unfortunately we had missed the last tour, were told we couldn't go past the pro shop, and we were leaving the next day :( Fortunately I don't just settle on "no" for an answer. I found a nice young gentleman working in the pro shop and flirted our way onto the field!

Coming Up!
New Marathon States...
MN- Zoom Yah! Yah! - Jan 9th
AZ- RnR Arizona - Jan 16th
HI- Maui Oceanfront- Jan 23rd
LA- RnR Mardi Gras- Feb 13th

WS100 Training...
No races until January, but I started double long runs each week til June, starting this weekend with a 12 miler and a 10 miler. The second run was on a trail and we had fresh snow with a clear trail...
Attempt at a Runners World picture... Coach Bob
I've also added a 6-hour ultra in IL (another repeat) for the end of January that I hope to get a nice 40-miler in. I'm just about done pulling together my training sched for WS100. I'll publish it when I'm settled on the mileage. But I can tell you this... there are a LOT of double 20 to 30 mile a day, weekends. I can't stay motivated running all those miles outside for no reason, so you can bet I'll be finding local marathons to jump into. So far this is my "extra" marathons expectations...

IL- Windburn 6 Hour Ultra- Jan 29th
FL- Melbourne and Beaches Music Marathon- Feb 6th 
DC- National Marathon- Mar 26th
TN- Country Music Marathon- April 30th
WI- Green Bay Marathon- May 15th

... I'll be moving around Feb/Mar so the rest will be determined when I solidify my moving plans. 

RazzyRoo Headbands! 
After I put out my "Marathoners Christmas List" found here, Cheryl from RazzyRoo Headbands sent me a note saying I left off something very important... These GREAT headbands at RazzyRoo. I've typically used cheap-o ones I got at walmart and even though they claim to be "non slip" I've had a number of issues with them in races... they slip or stretch out over time. So Cheryl sent me a few to test out and make sure they are marathon approved. 

Style Points- She sent me a few to try and to give away (give-a-way coming soon!!! hint: Monday). I (of course) was all over this cute black thick one with pink polk-a-dots. It's super cute, but not overstated and as I've figured out over the past week... I own a LOT of pink and black running attire. 

Also! These bands come in a variety of patters and pretty much any sport you can think of. Check out their options on the website here.

Functionality- These things do NOT slip. They have this material on the underside that clings kind of like velvet. It's funky and sticks to hair to keep in place... but does NOT pull out your hair when you take it off. I managed to wear the thick band WITH my Sony headphones that hang on the ears. Typically my walkman will push my headband off, but the RazzyRoos stuck! I also like that the material is solid and doesn't appear that it will ever stretch out the way my cheap-o ones do. 

Price- Have you noticed at running expos the headband prices have been going WAY up?!?!? We went to get a few VERY thing glitter ones and they were like $18. Seriously?? The RazzyRoos go from about $10-$16 and the material is SO much better than anything I've seen at the expos. 

Overall I would say I'm a big fan and will be making an addendum to my Christmas list to add these. I'll be posting a give-a-way soon and you'll be able to get 3 RazzyRoos before Christmas!!! 

I think that's it for updates. Remember to check back tomorrow for a fun give-a-way!!!!

Happy Snowy Running!



  1. 27th marathon this year. You are my hero. Great job BQing AGAIN!! Sounds like a great race, thanks for the review!

  2. I'm doing the National Marathon too and our pace will probably be similar. We'll have to find each other!

  3. You are awesome, well done! I can't wait to see your WS schedule. I love back to back long runs. They work wonders for me. Have a great week!