Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Marathoning Updates!!!

Hi All! sorry for being so MIA lately. I was busy gaining 2 lbs over thanksgiving. My brother made these pieces of heaven in a cup that he likes to call "cupcakes" and forced them upon me! I have a lot of updates the first is... haven't you been wondering what happened in Philly??... 

Philadelphia Marathon ~ Yep! I ran. I know, I know I didn't blog about it at all... no race RUNdown, no Post-Race thoughts. I was having too much fun trying to meet up with family/friends/maniacs/bloggers/etc. So I'll sum it up here. It was a COLD morning, but it was warm enough so running felt good... even in shorts! This was a repeat state for me and I needed a sub-4:00. Of course that meant I would be running MUCH faster than 4 (Right Bethany and Ryan?). I ran a 3:27:19! It's my 3rd best time, but I was a little disappointed. I felt AMAZING through the whole race but around mile 16 I started getting those chest pains I've been experiencing lately in races. Only this time they didn't stop. Every time one would come I would have to slow down almost to a walk and let my heart rate come down (very frustrating). No I haven't been to a Dr. yet. I'm going to give it ONE last race (this weekend) to see how I feel. Yep-- likely the next thing you'll be reading is me posting from the hospital and then you can shake your head and say "I told you so..." for now, hush! In the mean time enjoy a few photos from the race weekend....
Trying to be the first up the Rocky Steps
...and then I died! Rocky Steps-1, Steph- 0
Marathon Maniacs before the race!

Dallas White Rock Marathon~ Coming up this Weekend!!! This is my LAST marathon of the year... yeah and this time I actually mean it. Stay Tuned for more info!!!!

Non-Marathons... so they don't count as running ;)
Over T-giving besides eating myself into a cup-cake-coma, I DID run in our local Turkey Trot! Since MB hates me she signed me up for both the 5K and the 10K. However, she agreed that if I ran with her in the 10K I would be allowed to pick up beer on each lap and drink it in the 10K (it's only 2 laps so don't worry). My 2nd attempt at a 5K this month (and 2nd in about 10 years) was about flat to my Who Dey 5K time... 21:39. The 10K I successfully downed my 2 beers....
Me and my Turkey Trotting Buddies!
Running Emergency... Call E-M-S!
Whilst still in Albany with the family I went on a run with MB and a few of her cronies. They like to run around the city of Albany... apparently they don't mind the threat of a mugging or murder. Anyways, we went up toward the park that has all the Christmas lights! You know, "Lights in the Park" (ADUHHH). 
Crony #1 Joanne, MB, and Crony #2 Jenn
While running UP the big hill, Jenn (Crony #2) had a little asthma attackWho here knows what to do if you're running and have an emergency in a city??? Anybody???... Youuuu let your crazy running buddy pretend she's a Dr and help?...
What appear to be MB choking Jenn...
NO!You find one of the many Fire Stations!!!! This is a great word of advice for all of you runners. All of them are EMS certified and all that... and if they can't help with the emergency sometimes they're single and cute! Anyways, we brought Crony 2 to a fire station where they helped her out. As they were helping her, Crony #1 (clearly very concerned) told me to start taking picture.. so I did!
Jenn getting help from the firemen!!!
Joanne getting her picture taken with the truck!
New Present!!!
In BIGGER news... I got an early Christmas present! Can you tell what it is?? Yep... a new Camera! If my posts weren't long before, they will be now! Ok, so I think we're caught up from the past week. Race Ratings on the Philly marathon to come as well as a RUNdown of White Rock. See you in Texas!!!!

Happy Holiday Running,
"Run to Win" -Meb


  1. YAY for the new camera!

    Love the Rocky photo.

    Awesome time!! you rocked it!! ;)

  2. What is it that Mel likes to call you? Oh yeah, I remember: "Special kind of crazy." :D

    Congrats on Philly... hopefully this is the end of the chest pains. YIKES! Make sure you land near a hot paramedic if you're going to have a heart attack out there.

  3. I likely won't see you, but I will be at Dallas WR this weekend too - my first full!

  4. I see someone is sporting a Michigan shirt in one of your pictures! :-) High five to whomever that person is.

  5. wait, is that MB wearing the Michigan shirt???!!!

  6. Great job on your marathon especially for being so cold!! I love the pictures...I am glad you got a new camera. I love that you said that anything other than a marathon doesn't count as real running, hilarious:) You are a machine!

  7. great job on philly, dang you're speedy!

  8. I sent you an email to your gmail account about Dallas this weekend. Need details from you about when you get here, if you guys want me to drive you along the route so you can see it, and if you guys want to come over for dinner Sat night!