Thursday, September 23, 2010

Omaha Marathon ~ Race RUNdown (NE- #40!)

Inspiration Points...
1. The BIG 4-0!!! If you even ask if that is my age, just know-- I'm not afraid to smack you!!! It's my 40th State!!! (43rd Marathon!)
2. 50-Stater Reunion! This is the 2010 50 States Marathon Club 3rd quarter reunion! Lot's O' 50-staters and Marathon Maniacs expected here!
3. 5 Marathon, 6 Weeks... Let the fun begin! This is just the start to the world of hurtin' I'm going to inflict on myself. Just keep saying "I can do ANYthing!"

NE Race RUNdown...
Omaha Marathon ~ Sunday September 26, 2010. (#40) 7:00am Start for all races!
Omaha, NE ~ Downtown/Lewis and Clark Landing
Registration Fees: $70-$80 Early ($90-$100 late) Availability: ALL races- Sign up here!
Year Running: 35th!
Races Available: Full, Half and 10K
2010 Expected Field: 400+ (marathon)
2009 Field:  459
... Females: 144  ... Age Group: 35 (F25-29)
2009 Avg. Finish Time: *4:17:31!!* (wtf?)
Certified Course/BQ Certified?: Yes/Yes
Cutoff Time and Early Start Option: 1PM (6 hour) course cutoff time. No info on early starts
Weather Update: The current weather is calling for partly cloudy skies with a high of 67 and a low of 48. The day before is looking at thunder storms and I'm hoping that doesn't leak over into Sunday as well! 

MarathonGuide Rating: 3.5 Stars!
They claim that this raise isn't as flat as people would assume with their "baby bluffs", but judging by last years times-- I'm thinking it's pretty quick! 4:17?? I mean this isn't some small town race with only the better runners competing. This is the description from the marathon website...

"the marathon course consists of approximately 17 miles of relatively flat terrain, 8 miles of rolling countryside and approximately 2 miles of "real" hills. the running surface consists of concrete and asphalt pavement."

All three races (full, half, 10K) start simultaneously. We do the 10K loop and as the 10K'ers finish, we keep going. Around mile 8 the halfies turn back and we keep going. I would imagine this leads to quite the congestion in the beginning of the races, but I'm hoping to jump into the front so it won't be so bad. Also-- those halfies and 10k'ers BEST have tags on their backs indicating they are NOT part of the marathon so I don't feel like I'm racing a bunch of fast people. 

Race 411:
Holy Fast Course Batman! The avg time last year was 4:17!!! Seriously? That just doesn't happen in larger-ish races! 
I have no shoes! This year they have a bare foot division! I would rock the vibrams, but I don't think my calves and achilles are quite up to running a full marathon in those babies. 
~ Mile 8 Heaven or Hell? Mile 8 contains an Italian bakery! Would this be heaven?... pssh if they come out and give me some! If I have to smell that goodness I may get just a litttttle cranky!
~ Rockin' Out- Music at several points during the course!
~Aid Stations- Every 1-2 miles! Sort of crazy, but I like it! 
~"Hair Ceremony??"- Not gonna lie, I find this kind of weird and it has nothing to do with a race, but the director is donating her hair to locks of love. Great cause... just no idea what it has to do with a marathon!

Race Plan:
Trying to save it up for Chicago in 2 weeks. If I feel good, I'll go for a decent time-- if I'm feeling crappy, I might hold some in reserve for Chicago. ... now who actually believes that's going to happen? If you do, clearly you have not been following my blog long enough!

Throw Back! Bring it back now ya'll...
Reverse the Countdown!
This is my 40th marathon-state, meaning I have 11 to go including this race. What was going on around state #11!?!? I was running (and pacing) The San Francisco Marathon  on July 26, 2009! I was NOT a fan of this race and pacing become quite difficult when old garmin flipped a sh*t due to the fog and humidity. For being such an excitable marathon, there just wasn't much that stuck out to me. There are SO many marathon in Cali, I definitely wish I had chosen another! Don't worry... I'll be back!
Myself and my group at San Fran Marathon
This time in 2009...
Last year I had just finished the Boulder Backroads Marathon (definitely a tough one!) and gearing up for my FIRST Double Marathon- NH and ME! I had a great time at the double (esp NH with all the Cinci Galloway runners) and made some pretty good time. I learned that if I'm normally "hungry" in a marathon... by marathon #2 I'm FAMISHED and if there is no food on the course I will beg a child for his donuts and feel no shame! 

Meet up Info: I will not be attending the 50-staters meeting (at least I'm not planning on it right now).  I don't think I know any bloggers planning on doing Omaha, but if you are use the email link at the top nav bar and lemme know! I'll add you to the Upcoming Races list and hopefully meet up! I know there will be several maniacs there, but no meet up time has been established thus far! 

Happy Racing!


  1. Good Luck on #40!! And hey, there's nothing wrong with being AGE 40 :). Have a blast!

  2. Good luck with #40, can't wait to read the race report

  3. 40 already? How exciting! You will hit your 50 states in no time.

  4. Good marathon running and i think you can run the long ultra running good!.
    But first 50 marathons and than?.