Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Runners Like to Drink!

... of course I mean water gatorade, electrolyte drinks etc -- but I like where your heads at!!! Ok, so SOME of us (yours truely) don't like many liquids at all (including water) but we have to include them in our diets or we aren't able to run. The few drinks I do enjoy usually involve some sort of liquor and pomegranate.... pomegranate margarita, pomegranate martini, etc. I've also written before about how pomegranate is supposed to have immune system benefits and I make a point to pick up the vitamin water with pomegranate when I'm flying back from a marathon so I have a little immune boost when I'm run down from so much running. Well, apparently I'm not the only one picking  up on the advantages of pomegranate....

POM Wonderful....Last week POM Wondeful emailed me promoting the health benefits of pure pomegranate juice. Now I'd still rather mix it with a little tequila, but I can see pure pomegranate being good on its own! They're sending me a case of it for me to try and I'll be letting you know how it is. We're heading toward marathon #20 for the year and I'm definitely starting to feel a little run down so hopefully this should help keep me going. If you check out their website here you can check out the benefits on your own. Some of the advantages I pulled from the site...

  • POM is an "Antioxidant Superpower" - against other known antioxidant drinks, POM is one of the top performers.
  • Each bottle of POM is like eating 4 pomegranates
  • There are several recipes for cooking, baking, and drinking available on the site. 
Runners World <3's POM too. If you haven't read the recent Runners World "Fridge Wisdom" article, they also site Pomegranate Juice as a running performance booster! The article sites that something called "ellagiatannin" (some sort of complex polymer) in pomegranates helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, easing muscle pain. Who couldn't use a little of that??? Another (non-alcoholic) drink Runners World Suggests...

Chocolate Milk! This has been BIG at marathons lately. The new 'hip' thing to do is have either muscle milk or straight chocolate milk available post-race at marathons. I never thought I would enjoy milk right after racing, but it's really refreshing and it's a little thicker than water/gatorade which fills you up when you don't feel like eating right after. Runners World Studies site a reduction in muscle protein breakdown from the C-Milk, which helps protect your muscles. ... and it tastes D-Licious!


  1. I already discovered the magic chocolate milk! It's the perfect recovery drink after a long run or race! And it's Yummy.:)

  2. I'm a fan of chocolate milk after a long run!

  3. Love chocolate Milk and oh yeah Pom-ritas are awesome!!! I discovered Recoverite from Hammer and found that it works really well for me after a hard effort run.

  4. I have been doing the c-milk all summer and it's the best!

  5. Chocolate milk is my favorite post long run drink!!! LOVE IT!!!

  6. I love POM!

    Usually I'm touchy with drinking straight milk but chocolate milk after a hard run does seem to give back a little of what was given.

  7. I hate chocolate milk, but I've found that an iced tall nonfat no whip mocha from Starbucks has the same carb/protein ratio!