Monday, October 5, 2009

My First Double!!!! NH/ME

This weekend I ran my first double... NH Marathon on Saturday and Peak Performance Maine Marathon on Sunday. So how is the day after? My legs feel GREAT!!! I don't get it... I'm waiting for my body to come out of shock and put me in terrible pain. I DO have a little cold from running in the rain for 4 hours in New Hampshire, but other than that I hardly feel like I ran. Very weird... esp since both my marathons were at a DECENT clip... Sub 4:30!

~ Doubles make me HUNGRY!!!!! I will definitely do another double if sombody can invent a fuel belt that holds cheeseburgers. I was STARVING by mile 14 of the second marathon!
~ Where there are crazy doubles, there are crazy runners! LOTS of maniacs and 50-staters all over the place... and all doing the double marathon! Crazy people!
~ I'm getting another SPINNY STAR on the maniacs board!
~ Running in the cool northeast made me feel 10000Xs better than the hot, dry mid-west. Nice change of pace compared to my recent marathons!
~ Must take vitamins... I hate colds!

More to come... just wanted to give you an update and some Pictures!!!!

Cincinnati Gallowayer Running Group... I was late and didn't have my jacket on so I don't match (OOPS) ... where's waldo???

Pete is in the lower right corner.... he hosted ALL of us at his house in NH! He had little gift bags for everyone, incredible meals, and very cute motivational signs all over the house. WHAT A HOST!!!! Pete... do you have any houses in any other states?? hehehe jk!

MB and myself before the NH Marathon

Laura and I befor the Maine Marathon... 2 of MANY Marathon maniacs and 50-staters!

Me before the Maine Marathon... second marathon of the weekend. VERY nervous, but turned out to be great!


  1. AMAZING!! Congrats! Love the Where's Waldo picture.. At least you are easy to spot.

    Gosh I felt like my legs could not function the day after my first Marathon. I cannot imagine being able to run another the next day.. SUPERSTAR status..

  2. Must have been fun being surrounded by so many CRAZY RUNNERS! :)

    Congrats on your first double. You amaze me, girl!

  3. Wow! Awesome, Steph! Way to go on the double! I'm so jealous!

  4. Congratulations! I was excited to find out how your wknd went. Way to go.

  5. You dont have all your states listed and on the how many you have done you need to update the number it says 17 marathons and 15 states! it s now 17 states correct