Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Results are IN!... and OK Post-Race Thoughts

The results are in for both marathons from this past weekend and even with the crazy-muddy trail course, I was able to pull of my best double-marathon combined time yet!

KS~ Free State Trail Marathon: 4:22:27
OK~ Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon: 4:09:18

Average Time: 4:15:52!

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon~ Post-Race Thoughts
This Sunday was the 10th running of the OKC Memorial Marathon. When I woke up my toes felt like I had let somebody stamp on them and some of them look quite bruised broken and a little infected-- ewwww. I guess what what I get for stubbing them several times during the trail run and taking my socks off in hopes to lighten the load of mud-filled shoes and socks. So... with toes that don't want to go into shoes and 26.2 more miles to go, what is a crazy marathon-maniac to do? This!!...
I taped the tootsies up in hopes to pad them from too much more pounding. FYI-- this method wasn't overly helpful! I struggled with toes pain through most of the race but I had no choice and just ignored the stinging/bruising and continued on! I ran smart, walking the very steep uphills right from the beginning. Lucky for me, there weren't too many steep hills!

The Race!
This is a HUGE marathon both in size and support from the community. This is another one of those races that the community definitely embraces, which isn't a surprise considering the honor the races gives to the memorial. The support starts pre race with thousands of volunteers signing up and a FREE pancake breakfast put on my a downtown church. This continues throughout the race with TONS of themed neighborhoods and water stops including Southwest Airline "landing" water stop, "Under the Big Top" circus theme, and even some bands that looked to be organized on their own. At the end, you're met by many more volunteers as well as a local burger joint ready to give you a cheeseburger!!! Ummm-- THIS is my kind of race!!!                               
This marathon honors those lost in the OKC tragedy, bringing the runners past the memorial and holding 168 seconds of silence prior to the race. After, MB got a few shots of the chairs in front of the memorials with "in honor of..." bibs runners had left there.

Overall this race was very well organized and supported. It was a lot of fun a a pretty fast course!


  1. Great job on the new record! You are amazing.

    I am losing the nails on my big toes since the ultra. I don't think there is much you can do after damage has been done.

    You are one tough girl!

  2. Did you really run on those toes? You are stud!

  3. Wow! Great job! Were about 40 seconds in front of me!!! I can't believe those feet and toes! OUCH! I hope they heal quickly so you can be off to your next race!

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  5. WOW!!!! great marathon running and a good job.