Saturday, April 10, 2010

GO! St. Louis Marathon

Tomorrow I'll be running the GO! St. Louis Marathon in St. Louis, MO for my 28th state (30th lifetime) marathon. We had time to tour the city a little tonight after the expo-- which is huge by the way! We saw the Gateway Arch and had dinner in downtown area. MB is here with me too, of course. I know-- usually I would be doing a full race RUNdown right now, but I've been a little crazy at work lately and haven't been blogging too much-- sorry!!! I'll get back on it, starting riiiiighhttt... now! I just posted my NJ- Race ratings! 2 posts in 1 night! How do you like that?

Not going to have time to do a full RUNdown before bed, but I'll leave you with a little teaser for tomorrows race...
- There are 10 races associated with this marathon weekend and the marathon isn't even the largest.
- The half-marathon has sold out with 12,500 participants, and the full marathon sold out long ago with just under 3,000 participants signed up. WHY so many more half-marathoners?? Does this mean there is less or more focus on the fewer marathoners??? Only time will tell...
-The course is a loop around downtown St. Louis, including sites like the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium as well as the very pretty campus of St. Louis University.

That's it for now-- Off to bed, then up early for Marathon State #28!


  1. Goodluck and run whit fun this marathon!.

  2. St. Louis is beautiful. I've lived in both STL and CIN. Both baseball and river towns. If you get a chance, get some toasted ravolis.

    Hope you had a great race today.

  3. Oh, and I guess you know about Laura who is going to set a new record this year. I think she'll have done 50 states at the age of 27 (I think).

  4. I hope St. Louis went well! Nice double!

  5. My mistake... not a double. I saw the recently posted race recap and jumped to conclusions!

  6. Nice job on a hot day.