Friday, April 23, 2010

KS & OK Double this weekend!!

I’m in Lawrence, KS for (hopefully) my last double-marathon weekend of 2010. I’ll be running Oklahoma City Marathon on Sunday-- but before that I have to finish up The Free State Trail Marathon tomorrow here in Lawrence. The race headquarters-- Garry Gribbles Running Sports-- is located on Mass ave in Lawrence. Mass ave is a cute strip of stores, bars, and restaurants and screams “college town” from their low prices, hemptastic smelling stores and KU flags in every window!

The airport (MCI) is about 45 minutes away from Lawrence and driving in, you get the grand view of the mid-west. Noooo-- not cows in every yard, but lush green grass and trees everywhere and those low tumbling clouds that seem so close. Dorothy would be proud J

I’ve already checked in at Garry Gribbles and for a small race in a small college town, they had QUITE the selection of running gear and apparel. The store doesn’t look like much from the outside but they had some pretty cool stuff. I asked a recommendation for a place to eat and they suggested the Free State Brewhouse. WOW! The food there is amazing! I highly suggest going there if you’re ever in Lawrence, KS-- errr, you know-- probably for the marathon. The food is awesome and the prices are low! Yayy- I forgot why I loved college town… definitely the food!

Tomorrow is the first half of my 52.4 mile weekend. It was a little rainy this week in Lawrence, so that will likely mean slick, muddy, trails. The course is single track the whole way. Uh ohhhh… after my race I’m going to try and clean up the best I can then head back to the airport and hop a quick flight to Oklahoma City to meet up with MB and run the Oklahoma City Marathon.

Inspiration Points...
-If I finish both of these races I'll be at 30 states completed!!!
-This should be my LAST double in my 50-state quest!
-Over the next month I'll be running 5 marathons! This is the start of a crazy month.


  1. the double is very, very impressive! Go get em :)

  2. Good luck with the double!

    I'm interested to hear your report from the trail race. Everyone says that the "Kansas City Trail Nerds" put on a good race, but it will be interesting to hear your perspective, having such diverse marathon experience under your belt.

  3. Another double.... you are amazing! I hope Sunday went well too!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how you did in OKC!! I was there too! Love every minute of it!!!!!!!

    Hope your double weekend went well!!!