Thursday, June 3, 2010

WY Marathon and There Goes My Wisdom

This past weekend I ran the Wyoming Marathon. This race starts around 8,700 elevation, goes down to around 8K, then you turn around and go back up-- with a giant hill in the middle. Between altitude and my requirement to take antibiotics after a root canal mishap, I wasn't breathing too well!!! Luckily my running buddy, Brent, was there and made sure I didn't pass out ... or get run over by the caribou that ran out in front of us. Good thing too because, I was desperate enough to get out of that race I may have run into the caribou on purpose.

This dirt/gravel course is run almost entirely along a path that winds next to a high way or on the high way itself. Not a ton to see except, well caribou-- oh and dirt. People raved about the scenery-- maybe it was just me or the lack of oxygen to the brain, but I really wasn't seeing too much that intrigued me until we got to the finish and there was a danish. hehe. The best part about this marathon? The Past Dinner! OOH it was great! Pasta (of course), with meatballs! (they never have those usually, IDK why?) big salad, really good steamed veggies, rolls, and ... CARROT CAKE! YUMMMM

Goodbye Wisdom, Hello Excuses...
Today I'll be getting 3 of my lovely wisdom teeth taken out. Yuck-o! It means no running today, so I ran a 10-miler last night. It also means I MAY not be able to participate in the 5K race we have here on the GE campus. That would NOT be good because I just trained 21 finance folks to run in the race!

The smart thing to do here is to plan on NOT running, but as you've seen I usually do NOT take the smart choices... and NOW I have an excuse-- My wisdom teeth are gone! No more wisdom, you can't blame me for making dumb choices like oh sayyyy running 45 marathons in 2 years time? Yeah I wouldn't call that smart.

Either way I'll be there to umm... cheer? Can you cheer post-wisdom-teeth-removal? Ok ok, in my drug-induced stupor tonight, I'll try and make a poster board with cheering on it. Hopefully I don't drool too much onto the poster :)

I'M-a Slacker!
Sorry for my slacking lately on the race ratings-- I currently owe you, oh gosh I think 3??? I'll get on that. Good news is... June is my first break in a LONG time-- 3 whole weeks with NO marathons!! Time to rest and recover. It also means I can get caught up on my postings. Bloggie-friends... I'm baccckkkkkk!!!


  1. Root canal and then wisdom teeth! That's brutal. How it all goes well!

  2. Dentist - the necessary evil....blah

  3. That is one ugly elevation graph...

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth extraction. Not fun. :( Hope you recovery quickly to participate this weekend!

    Congrats on your latest marathons!

  4. you probably saw elk, not caribou, on the course! I've ran that race before and I agree, it's not the most beautiful course ever. I like the bit near the turnaround the best, in the forest with all those interesting rock formations. Keep plugging away, you are an inspiration to me!