Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seattle Rock'n'Roll Marathon ~ Race RUNdown!

Inspiration Points...
1. Break is OVER! I've had a 4 week break, now we're back to my marathon of marathons. 2 weekends in a row, 1 week off, then another!
2. Run-Blog-Sleep!!! Bloggie Meetup. They'll be quite a few of us blogging-runners participating in the marathon this weekend. Not only is Mel (Tall Mom) organizing a dinner, but I'm also going to have a chance to run with friends!
3. Sony Sponsorship! Sony has contacted me again and they will be sponsoring me for the marathon. They will be sending the fun new runner-inspired MP3 player as well as the bloggie video camera to test out. My review to come post-race! I also get a t-shirt to wear (hopefully not too hot) and they're covering my race fee. Thank You Sony for supporting the marathoners!!!
4. Twilight! The latest movie (Eclipse) in the twilight book series comes out this week and we'll be in Seattle-- closest big city to Forks, WA (where the series is set). If you know nothing about Twilight, you live under a rock! TEAM EDWARD!

WA Race RUNdown...
Seattle Rock'n'Roll Marathon ~ Saturday June 26, 2010. 7am Start! (#34)
Seattle, WA
Registration Fees: $90-$100 early ($110 late until sold out)-- Race SOLD OUT!
Year Running: 2nd!!!
2010 Expected Field: 28,000 in the full and half marathon
2009 Field: 5646 Finishers
... Females: 3074 (more women than men!) ... Age Group: 590
2009 Avg. Finish Time: 4:45:15
Certified Course/BQ Certified?: Yes!
Weather Update: The weather is heating up! Those rainstorms seem to be going away with a much lower chance of precipitation! For our Canadian friends (Marlene) that's a high of 21 degrees C and a low of 13 (acc to! My goodness that sounds so much colder!! What do you get in the winters there? -150??. More importantly it looks like I can get a tan out by the pool on Friday!
MarathonGuide Rating:

The course gives a great tour of Seattle, bringing you past many of the sites like Mt. Rainer and the space needle! The course seems to be in a similar shape as the Nashville Marathon-- 3 shoots of out and back with a center focal point around the finish. This will give you plenty of time to see your fellow runners-- MANIACS WEAR YOUR MANIAC GEAR!!! Elevation doesn't look too bad... there are some little bumps along the way, but nothing like Wyoming 4 weeks ago!

Race 411:
~ Corrals to start. 700 people per corral based on predicted start time.
~ Port-a-johns said to be every mile and 18 water stops!
~ As with every RNR marathon, there is a free post-race concert! "TONIC" will be headlining this races concert (I've never heard of them). New for this year: the concert will be held in conjunction with the finish line festivities (instead of coming back at night for the concert).
~ Aside from the concert, there will be 40 bands along the course to rock out to!
~ Sign up here for runner tracking! This is great for family and friends that want to track your progress or spectators that want to get the camera ready for your finish! 
~ GU is the marathon gel! Mmmm my fav!

Race Plan:
Since I'll be testing out my new camera AND I have the unique experience of "knowing" so many bloggie-runners, I'm hoping to Join Marlene, Mel and Amanda for the race! No idea what they're planning to run it in... but judging from everybody's times I would definitely say under 4 hours?? Maybe low 3:50's (just a guess).

Meet up Info: If you want to meet up for the bloggy picture Mel has organized a meeting spot and time. Corral 6, 30 minutes prior to the race! Also, if you're looking for friends to meet up with after go to family reunion 'B'-- B for blogger!


  1. I'm even more pumped after reading this run-down! Can't wait to meet (and run!) with you!!!

  2. Soooooo doubtful that 3:50 will be anywhere in the realm of time... I think we are shooting for under 4:11, which was my time last year.. Those bumps may look little but wow! Hopefully we dont slow you down. It will be FUN!! Make sure you switch to Corral 10

  3. Hope to see you guys there!!

  4. yeahh under 4:11 is probably more accurate based on the last few weeks :) can't wait!

  5. ALSO thanks for the "Canadian" weather conversion. LMAO! I laughed outloud when I read it then forgot to comment.

    Celcius DOES make it seem colder, doesn't it? You should come check us out in February for some -20's. :P

  6. Thanks for all the info on Seattle!! :) I'm excited! I wish I was going to be there for Eclipse tho.. Darn it!! lol

  7. Good luck!! Sounds like a blast with all the bloggie friends!!!

  8. Best of luck! That's awesome about Sony. We're heading out now for the long flight from Florida to Seattle. Rock on!

  9. Sony sponsorship? That means you and Meb Keflezighi are on the same team. That's wicked cool. ;-)