Friday, June 18, 2010

Long Run Hydration and my current State-us

State-US: (Get it? Status, but it's about States... in the US? W/E, if you don't get my humor you're living in a sad sad world) Ok, so I've been asked a lot lately "how many states have you done??" And since I haven't run a marathon in almost THREE weeks *GASP*, inquiring mind are freaking out!!! Well you can always check in the above "Start here" tab (I try to update the State-us in there). But, to keep the crazies at bay and not require an additional click, here ya go...

Total Marathons and Ultra Marathons Completed (lifetime): 35
Total Marathons/Ultras Completed in 2010: 12 (s/b 13, but Myrtle Beach was cancelled :( Grr )
Total States Completed (lifetime): 33! (same for 2010)

State/Marathon variance? Where were those extra 2 marathons? The moon? No silly... 1 was in Athens, Greece (THE original marathon... and my first) and the 2nd was an extra OH marathon I did because OH has some seriously cool marathons. That and Corn... that's what OH has!

Plans for 2010: I'm planning on running a total of about 24-26 more states, depending on some of the winter marathons I choose. I would LOVE to hit Titanium level for marathon maniacs (30 states in 1 year), so I'm considering repeating some of the nearby states and getting a few cheap marathons in to hit 30!

Long Run Hydration: This months RW had this article  with very intricate explanation of keeping hydrated in the hot summer months. Basically, it reiterated the importance of keeping hydrated all day long, and within the few hours before a hard or long run, siting studies with the second to minutes of improvement for the hydrated runners vs. the non.

Now we all know how important keeping hydrated is, but this may be a little overkill. According to RW, if I'm working out for 1-4 hours (within marathon running time), I should be drinking 3 to 6 oz every 15 to 20 minutes. Now if I'm running say an 8:20 pace, that's a little more than 2 miles I s/b consuming 3 to 6 oz. If I'm REALLY trying to stay hydrated, I probably drink 6 OZ every 4-5 miles and I feel ridiculously full. I get the slosh in the belly and I feel like I'm going to hurl. Not good...

It also doesn't help that I'm repulsed by the site taste and smell of water. I think it's gross and I don't react well to it-- I swell if I drink too much (mostly because I don't have enough salt to sweat it out). Sorry, RW, not to knock you, but your hydration plan needs alternatives:

1) Drink More to Drink Less: Gatorade that is. Or any other drink alternative that contains the sugars and carbs you need. Replace water with Gatorade and you don't need as much to stay hydrated. When I get toward the later part of my runs (or I'm taking GU/energy gels) I'll switch to water because I don't want to OD on sugar!
2) Salt Pills/Sticks: These are GREAT with a little less water than you usually need. They usually have electrolytes in them too so you're getting most of what you need without filling your belly with liquids.
3) Train to Drink LESS: (Warning: this is unsafe, don't try it at home unless you're a psycho that hates water too and is desperate). Get your body used to running on less water. I find I need a LOT less water during runs (and actually can't take very much) because I don't drink many liquids during a normal day. I'm not just talking water... I hardly drink anything. I'm not a big fan of liquids-- well unless it's green with ice and a salt ring! I'm a big fan of that kind of liquid!

That's it for today. Thanks for all the nice notes on the new blog layout-- Marlene, no worries, I'm going to find a way for the layout to fit to whatever resolution the current screen is. We can't have you missing the uber important right hand text :)

Have a great Friday and Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Running,


  1. Thanks for the state update - I was actually just scoping out (ala CREEPING ON) your progress yesterday. ;)

    Interesting to read your take on hydration ... thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting and thanks for the great hydration info.

  3. WOW!! You ran a marathon in Greece? Thats soo awesome, I'm seriously Jealous!! My uncle lives in Athens :) I would love to go there sometime and run a marathon..

  4. I have exercise-enduced hemeteria (my kidney's start to bleed when dehydrated) so I would never advocate the last hydration option, as it would literally kill me. But everyone's different. I'm envious you ran Greece Marathon - how very cool. I'd love to see a list of your favorite, and least favorite marathons, and why!! :)

  5. i actually train to drink less, too. And it's helping..even in this bloody heatwave we're experiencing here in Houston...awesome stats, too!

  6. Nice job, girl! I love following your blog.