Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sony Shows Some Marathon Love and Seattle RNR Prep

Sony <3's Runners
Sony contacted me (and likely you if you're an RNR Marathoner with a blog) for a potential sponsorship program. Not only is Sony supporting all of the Rock & Roll Marathon series, but they're also reaching out to the blogging community to help the runner-bloggers and to test out their new toy...

The W-Series Walkman MP3 Player

This little gizmo is designed for runners and I cannot wait to try it! I've had issues with water/sweat resistance in both my Ipod nano AND shuffle. I've also had issues with the headphone chords, especially with the clicker on the new shuffles--- they're attached to the headphone wires and right near my face, so sweat drips right into it and it freezes up on me.

Getting Bloggy with It!
In addition to trying out the runner-friendly MP3 player, they're sending this "Bloggie PM5 Video Camera" and a T-shirt to wear during the race. I've decided to run with some of my bloggie friends so I'm thinking we're going to have a great time with this video camera!

I've replied to them with my information-- if I do end up participating in the sponsorship then I'll be giving you all more info on both products!

Seattle RockNRoll Marathon~ Race Prep
After my 4 week break from marathoning (yes Eblogger, that is a word), I'll be jumping back on the horse and doing a double weekend of races-- Seattle RNR this weekend then Foot Traffic in Portland, OR next week. For my Seattle race prep? I've been getting REST! At the end of 2009 I took a break from marathons for about the same period of time (kept working out.. running, lifting, etc) but I did only a few long runs and I came back so refreshed!!! This was the first time I was able to make a BQ time. So over the past few weeks this has been my focus:

~ Increasing mileage during my weekly runs ... aka the Endurance Experiment (no more than 13 miles at a time)
~ Resistance Training 2-3 times a week
~ Speed work... on the Mill-O-Death

This week? I did a 10-miler with MB this past weekend and I'm going to get 3 solid workouts Mon-Tues-Wed this week. Thursday I won't run at all and Friday I'll try to get in 2-4 easy miles to get the legs stretched out. This is what we like to call a Mega-Marathoner Taper-- unlike a normal taper it's 3 days vs. 3 weeks of decreased mileage and rest!

Weather Update!
Since there are a number of us blogging-runners doing the race this weekend, I thought I'd provide the weather forecasts here. Currently they're calling for mid 50's to mid 60's and sunny. However, Saturday is bunkered by showers on both Friday and Sunday. This should not be surprising because we're in Seattle! Let's hope the forecast stays put (we know it won't) and we're able to avoid rain on our 26.2 mile parade! If you haven't told me you're running this weekend, please let me know. I believe we're having a few bloggy meet-ups including a pasta dinner the evening before. See ya in Seattle!


  1. You never know with Seattle. I did the inagural race last year and it was sunny and almost 80 degrees! That with the total lack of shade...brutal. Good luck! Seattle is such a fun city.

  2. Awesome on the Sony sponsorship!

    I've been watching the forecast too ... even though I don't 'speak' fahrenheit! lol

    Can't wait to meet you!

  3. Last year it was projected to rain and be 67.. It was 75 when I finished. Expect the Unexpected it is Seattle. Cant wait to meet you!!

  4. Have a great race! I'm a blogging newbie but hope to meet you guys at some point on the race course!! I can't make the dinner!