Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why That's a Pretty Blog You Have There..

No folks, do not adjust your computer monitor or change that channel! This is the same blog-- Still Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge, just a new look! I've been dabbling with my very little experience in HTML coding and graphic design (by little experience, I actually mean only what I've taught myself).

Seeing that I've made up some of the code here and I've created a layout instead of following the old blogging procedures, I'm gonna ask you all to give me some honest feed back... does it look ok? 1) Can you read it?? Any crazy stuff going on that I can't see on my end? 2) Does it look nice? Orrrr should I change it back to the way it was? 3) Any other thoughts on the blog? Anything you need more or less of? 4) Any other thoughts in life? Hows running? hows the fam? How'r the pets? you know... any thoughts at all...

Running News: This is the last FULL week of rest I have before we get back in a marathon o' marathons. I've been getting my miles in while I can. I've been able to get more speedwork and long run sessions in with there few weeks of "rest." Next up? Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon next week and Foot Traffic Flat Marathon in Portland, OR the next week, followed by the University of Okoboji Marathon the week after! Will you be joining me for any of those?? Let me know!

Best Of: Don't forget to add ANY "GREAT" marathons that haven't already been listed in the below post!


  1. looks good, nice job on the DIY upgrade!

  2. It might just memy screen (I have an extra wide monitor), but all of your text in the right sidebar is displaying overtop of the right sidebar images.

    Otherwise, nice look! Impressive that you figured this out yourself!

  3. and by "memy" I mean "be my" - oops

  4. It looks good to me.

    Nothing funky. The background colors and the words colors are good too - I can read clearly.
    The banner at the top right is kinda covering the vertical border down a little. But nothing drastic otherwise.

  5. it looks so pretty! I love the pig on the left, that is the one race I aspire to do SOON!

    Girl did you see this? Someone posted it on facebook and it immediately made me think of you. I can't remember how old you are, but I hope you are younger than her!!!

  6. Looks good AND I so want a pink 26.2 sticker. Mine's white!!

    Good luck in your upcoming marathons!

  7. I think your blog looks great! The side pannel reminds me of those suitcases with bumper stickers full of where-you've-been's on them :). Univ of Okoboji sounds really cool...will look forward to your (all of 'em) race reports :). GOOD LUCK, and have a blast!!

  8. I like the new layout! I'm impressed that you did it yourself! Very cool! Good luck with the upcoming races!

  9. Uber impressed with the HTML job here! It is awesome!! how on earth did you figure this out!! Love it!!

    I'll be at Seattle RnR!!! I'm doing the half though! Will you be at Mel's bloggy meet up dinner? I feel like I need a cheat sheet with all the names on it so I will know everyone!!

  10. I LOVE the new layout - it looks awesome! I should hire you to design something for my boring blog :)

    On my monitor, the sidebar is overlapping the pictures on the right too. You should be able to solve this by using absolute values for the center table - the percentages that are the default rely on what size monitor you have, which is why different people are seeing it different ways. Hope that helps!