Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Digit Challenge... Endurance Training

Wow, Blogger has been down almost all day and JUST when I had some exciting news... I have another crazy fun idea. Now I have to admit, when blogger went down I thought maybe it was a sign that I should wait to share my new training ideas until I finished it, but then I thought: What are my bloggy followers for if not to keep me honest with my training? Right? For rizzle!

So where did this idea come from? Well I have my longest streak (3 weeks) of non-marathon running for the remaining of my 50-state challenge (17 left btw... why does that seem so long with 33 done??). Anyways, to keep myself from signing up for another marathon this month and allow myself my much needed rest, I came up with a fun idea. We have a 5-mile bike loop around a small airport here in the Nati (Lunken for you natti peeps) and I decided last week to do a few loops. It felt good so on Sunday I decided to do it again. Then I though... how long can I do this for? I know I can run 26 miles at a time, and I've done them twice in a row, but I've never consistently run "Long" for more than 2 days in a row. Can I make 3? Can I make 5? Can I make a full week?? Well, with my break, this is the best time to try!

The Plan: Run Double-Digisits (10+ for you math geniuses out there) until I can go no further.

The Rules:
1) The distance must be 10+ miles (no rounding) done in 1 run (no breaking up the mileage)
2) The streak is done when I'm walking a significant amount of the run (we'll say 1/5 of the full distance or more).
3) I have to keep up my technical training (speed work, hill work, distance) by incorporating it into my mileage. IE. Tomorrow making the middle 5 miles a "speedwork" with about 6-7 yassos, then follow-up with a run back to my house (all up BIG hill about 3.5 miles).

Umm Why? Yeah, I'll go ahead and answer that for you. In case you haven't noticed from this entire blog, I like to find ways to push myself and push my training-- I like to see how strong the mind is over the body and test my limits WITHOUT hurting myself. Also, with 17 more marathons to go (in less than 10 months) I'm looking onto the next thing-- I want to start gearing up for some serious ultras (so I need to pack on the mileage) and I would like to get into Tris to Ironmen-- which completely intimidate me, so I feel the harder and longer I can push myself, the better I'll feel about Tri-Training.

Current Stats (Starting Post-wisdom tooth extraction recoop):
Day 1: 10 Miles (2 Lunken Loops) in ~ 1 hr and 30 Min
Day 2: 10 Miles+ (2 Lunken Loops) in ~ 1 Hr and 26 Min
Day 3: Tomorrow's Plan: 3.5 mile warm up to Lunken, 1 loops of speed work, then 3.5 miles back home.
After?... Only time will tell.

Wanna Join? Jump on board and let me hear about it! How many double-digit runs in a row can YOU complete?


  1. WOW!! I will absolutely live vicariously through you on that plan, but if anyone can do it, I'm sure it's you! Good luck :)

  2. This is a very tempting challenge...

  3. sounds like one helluva challenge!!!

  4. I would love to do this BUT I just did a 20 - 10(+) mile runs (and my 30 day probably going to be 100 runs challenge) and with my schedule I have to break up miles. I rarely have more than an hour in the evening to run. So I'd have to split the distance a.m./p.m. which I can do for a long time without a day off so it doesn't show the same results in body fatigue. Maybe I'll join in with 10+ mile days even though they are split.

    Good luck and have fun!