Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Endurance Experiment Day #3... Puking Day!

Day #3 of The Endurance Experiment... Double Digits Running! (See this post for more detail)
Day 3 Mileage: 13 Miles
Total Consistent Mileage: 33 Miles in 3 Days!

The Run: "The Gauntlet"~ 4 Miles on switchback downhill; 5 Miles of modified yassos (1/2 mile or running instead of 3 minutes of jogging/walking between 1/2 mile sprints); 4 Miles back UP the hill *charge*.
Total Workout Time: 1 hr. 50 Min.

Feelings at Start: TIRED! Monday night workout ended with a last 1.5 miles of a sprint because I was racing a girl about a half mile ahead of me... no, she had no idea I was racing her-- but I totally kicked her butt! :) So at the start my legs were definitely a little tight!

Today's Run Feelings: I'm definitely starting to feel the mileage. I've run 2 days of 26.2 miles several times, but I've never run so hard during them and definitely not on such hilly courses. Needless to say (after reading the title) it was a "run til you puke, then run some more" kind of day!

Experimental Observations:
1) Consistent long runs = 4am wake up calls! I do most of my runs at night (around 5/5:30) so around 10 I'm still pretty keyed up, but I try and go to bed. 2 days in a row now I've had a little trouble getting to sleep and 2 days in a row now I've woken up at 4 am and was up for an hour until an hour and a half.

2) Foot Cramps! Lots of mileage leeds to lots of foot cramps. I keep getting them post-workout. OOWEEE. I'm drinking water during my runs, but I think for this high mileage I'm going to have to do a better job of getting reacquainted with water during the day Yucckkk... oh in case you haven't heard, I HATE water!

3) It WILL get harder before it gets easier! I have started seeing a pattern-- as I start my runs, I'm pretty tired from the run before, but if I stick with a quick pace from the start, eventually I beat my body into submission and I'm running pretty hard still at the end. I think this is how the whole week will go... at first I'll be tired before these, but eventually my body will accept this-- or it'll kill me. Either way. :)

Next Run: Tonight, 10-12 miles (depending on time). Easy paced because I'm sure I'll be tired from the Gauntlet last night! I'm hoping to get in a 15 miler on Thursday and really push the experiment up a bit!

Current Predicted Days of Experiment: 7 Total (4 remaining).


  1. Girl I'm convinced you just like to torture yourself! LOL!

  2. Your going to go for 15 on Thursday. Your legs are going be toast, I mean they are going to love that. ;-)

    I wanted to finish my 30 days with a half marathon but with the jogger I just wasn't up for the challenge and settled for 11.5 for the day. Today I am on the treadmill because of the rain. We'll see how the legs (and kids) hold out.

  3. i feel that....i DEF feel that....the pain cave is a beautiful place to be if U can hang...and you DEF can hang!!!